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  1. Its good to see the Spot back. And it looks like theyre taking him seriously. 

  2. Jumping on point? yay? Nay?

  3. I imagine this is the best jumping on point since the start of Brand New Day – pretty much all of the plotlines from the last year have been resolved and they’ll be starting new ones.

  4. @voodoomama – I just started ASM at the character assassination, i got the trades from BND to current and read them all and loved it. I had to track down like 7 back issues before the character assassination, but they just released the trade before CA. Awesome reads (everything but the "freak" story).

  5. @Fvckstick   yeah that freak story was super weak. it just felt so blah

  6. yeah, but in my opinion… Kravens first hunt and NWTD were AMAZING reads. I bought all the trades in one fell swoop and really at the end of each one was never dissapointed in the money i spent. Yeah the freak stories were on the weak side, BUT it never completely consumed a book, they did break it up pretty well. And in the issues leading to CS, i think it was #572 (?) with the story of Flash that kinda grounded the series since BND. It was a very serious issue but in a good way. One that i kinda sat on for a while after reading and was a rare occasion where i went to my gf and friends that doesnt read comics and was telling them that if there is one comic (besides watchmen, heh) that they read, it be that Flash issue.

  7. does anyone know if this is this still considered BND?  have we moved on enough to embrace the new Spidey is all its awesome-ness? I caught the ‘brand new day’ line in the last issue, was that a reminder or a signing off of sorts?

    In regards to spot being done seriously, look no further than the hammerhead story.

  8. I hope they don’t Hammerhead-ize Spot.  I love him as a goofy bad guy.  That’s part of his appeal.

  9. I have no idea who Spot is, but Amazing Spider-Man has been spot on lately (no pun intended).

    Love the cover too!

  10. Bet on there being (dated) Portal jokes.

  11. I’m assuming this is the first issue after BND, since Fred Van Lente hasn’t written anything for ASM since BND started. I wonder how long this is gonna stay (almost) weekly.

  12. @actualbutt – It should be pseudo-weekly for sometime since their still is a group of five or so writers working on it. 

  13. Yeah Wacker said in an interview that there are no plans to do away with the 3 times a month schedule.

  14. Hey I got a question for all you Spidey fans.  I emailed it to the iFanboy crew but they are too cool to ever include my questions (that are actually somewhat interesting) on the Q&A segments they put on their site on Friday.

    I really just started getting into reading Spiderman comics when Brand New Day started.  So I decided I wanted to read more of Amazing Spiderman and went out and bought the DVD-ROM of like every issue from #1 all the way up to Civil War.  I read the first couple years worth of stories and I’m really having a hard time with these corney old days stories with the constant narration.  Can anybody help me out with a good jumping on point? Should I just skip the 1960s and go right to the 1970s? Or should I just start with the stories from the 1980s?  Please help!!

    I got the Ghost Rider DVD-ROM for like six bucks when Circuit City was having their big going out of business sale.  I didn’t even touch that one yet, I got so many trades that I didn’t even start reading yet.  Damn PS3!!

  15. @Robby Look for when Roger Stern took over. Thats a great jumping on point full of hobgobliny goodness

  16. I’m jumping in here.  I hear way too many good things about these books.  If i shouldnt, let me know.

  17. @twooldridge  in the words of David Lee Roth "Go ahead and jump!" this is a perfect jumping on point, probably the easiest since BND

  18. @Robby – I’m not familiar with the specifics of old time Spider-Man stories, but I think in general most stories from that era are going to be really corny and full of exposition, etc. Moreso though, I don’t think you’re going to need to read all ~600 to jump onto Spider-Man. You could probably jump on right now, and if you were really wanting a lot of backstory, you could start from One More Day and move on. Good luck in whatever you decide to do, though!

    @Twool – As I said above, this is a great jumping on point. Good luck!

  19. @Robby – Don’t listen to these guys!  You want Clone Saga!!  Lots and lots of Clone Saga!!

  20. Sooo spiderman fights a giant Clitorus?

  21. @Aquaman Hey nobody told me MJ was coming back in this issue!

  22. I didn’t see MJ.  Unless she was dressed up like The Spot.

  23. @Roivampire     teehee!

  24. @Aquaman Oh the joys of infantile humor

  25. @Actual

    Technically BND ended with the First issue of New Ways To Die

  26. @robby: If you want to get into Spider-man (remember the hyphen) you MUST read Kraven’s Last Hunt (Its in Trade form now). It is hands down the best Spider-man story bar none. Also I agree with Roi that the Roger Stern HobGoblin is great. It has John Romita Jnr art, Ron Frenz art (before he went all Kirbyesque) and it even has the famour "Kid who collects Spider-man" issue.

  27. Great issue. Having this weekly, or close enough, has spoiled me. I just want more!

  28. This was my first issue since the whole One More Day/Mephisto reboot (which I hated, obviously, if this is my first wary purchase or any Amazing issue since) & I gotta admit this issue was pretty damn good.  The art was GREAT, the story was a lot of fun & the shots as Christian Bale’s Batman voice was funny as hell. I might come back for more Amazing Spidey!

  29. I thought this issue was great, and a very deserving 4/5, but I wasn’t enjoying it as much as the last few issues. Nothing to really complain about, the art and writing were both very good and The Spot is an interesting character, it just didn’t do it for me as well as the last few issues did.

  30. I found the story pretty average, but man the art was awesome in this issue!

  31. Wow that artist rocked. He got the book a 5 in my opinion even though the story wasn’t perfect.

  32. Only breaking my ASM boycott for Fred Van Lente. I loved his work on Super Villain Team-UP: Modok’s 11 and wanted to see what he did with the spot here. Great stuff, though I could have used more Spot/Spider-Man action and less random Aunt May charity.

    Won’t be coming back until I see Van Lente’s name on the cover again. Hope those who like this run enjoy it. 

  33. Just now got to read this. It’s cool and all, but didn’t the Spot die a few years ago? He was murdered by Elektra and the Hand in that Wolverine story Enemy of the State. I’m surprised the continuity hounds didn’t make a thing of it.

  34. Nevermind! After a quick glance over his Wikipedia page, it is clear that Spot can be killed and resurrected whenever it’s convenient.

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