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  1. being a spider-man buff, im am so looking forward to this. id just like to know, if he can web swing, why was spidey on the subway in the first place?

  2. Maybe he’s out of web fluid and needs to get to the Frontier newspaper to sell photos, or maybe he has to head out to Forrest Hills to visit Aunt May and the subway is an easier way to get there. 

  3. @ali3nheadhunter: As Stan Lee would say, "READ ON, True Believer!"

  4. You know what I’ve been loving about these last four issues of ASM? They have nothing or very little to do with BND or OMD. I mean this does take place in those new continuites, but these stories could easily have been taken place before the retcon.

    Still not complaining, I just wish Joe Kelly and Chris Bachelo would stay on as creative team.

  5. …No Spider’s Land?

  6. Next Champion, I think that’s the point of the "reboot." Hopefully the focus, both from creators and readers, will be the stories and not the brand new day stuff.

    Also, if Marcos Martin is the penciller, I might even be excited to pay $3.99 for a normal issue. 

  7. @Andrew: I understand your point and I agree. But it hurts when the majority of the stories have to be related to OMD or BND. First couple of arcs or maybe 2 months is fine….But it seriously took 8-9 months to finally do stories that have nothing (or little) to do with the retcon?

  8. In the life span of a comic that’s come out since 1963, 9 months is a mere drop in the bucket. 😉 Hopefully the most recent arcs are indicitive of the "status quo."

  9. no JR.JR on art?

  10. @sleeperhit:

    BND has rotating art duties. The next JRJR arc is going to be "Character Assassination" in early ’09, if you can wait for that. However, Marcos Martin is a FANTASTIC artist… especially on this book.

  11. This cover kicks so much ass it could beat Chuck Norris in a fight.

  12. I just read this book.  This was fantastic story telling this week. I love it! 

  13. The reason he is on the subway is because it’s raining cats and dogs and he doesnt have any money for a taxi.  Those crazy Marvel Hotline video podcasts…..I don’t know why I still subscribe.

  14. Damn this was good! Between JRJR, Bachalo, Rivera, and Martin the art on this book is constantly outstanding.

  15. @cman12 agreed, i don’t know where martin came from but he was born to draw spider-man

  16. "See you in two weeks"!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  17. Damn, I wish Spidey were weekly. I need me some new Spidey lovin’ each week!

  18. This book was really good.  I loved the cover also.

  19. Always pleasantly surprised when a comic in the middle of my stack earns 5 stars from me.  I loved everything about this story, especially the surprise revelation at the end :].  Here I thought that Hellblazer would get my pick of the week this week;  now I’m not sure.

  20. I love love loved this comic!!! I wish Waid was writing it more often, then i would probably pick it up on a regular basis.

    I had one little problem though, wasn’t JJJ.Jr a teen during WWII,at least according to Young Avengers, that would make JJJ.Sr pretty old.

  21. Spidey is back!! Waid knows Spider-Man … the past two weeks have been great … stoopid fortune cookie.

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