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  1. So, it looks like this is the beginning of a new arc. Would this be a good issue to pick up to rest the title out? I don’t really want to go back to the beginning of BND…

  2. Nah this arc started 4 issues ago.  If you can find those four issues then that would be a good place to start. Or you could just wait until 574 for a new arc.

  3. But  you could just pick it up I mean you bont be lost just read what previously happened from the first page.

  4. I feel so let down with this series so far. I hope this issue begins to pick it up.

  5. @rift: I say one word best describes this arc-‘Boring’

  6. I could agree so far. Maybe its because the expectations were so high.

  7. @rift and champ – agreed.  i was looking forward to this arc more than anything else once i saw the solicit for that alex ross green goblin cover.  i’m all for the BND new spidey status quo, but so far, the only arc i’ve really enjoyed was the zeb wells/bachalo one

  8. and anti-venom is fucking awful

  9. This arc has been a lot of fun so far.  Probably the third best story of the in AMAZING. Had it been my week, the first issue would have definitely have been POW.

  10. Yeah, I agree with Conor, I’m really digging this story.  I know who Menace is (or so I think) and if they do a great reveal and use the character the right way, it could turn into a GREAT story.  I’m liking the idea of Anti-Venom and distorting spidey’s powers

  11. It’s consistently good imho. Not great, but it’s always at least a 4/5 which is damned consistent for spidey. I wish it could always be like this.

  12. I jumped in at the start of this arc and I really am enjoying it. I love Romitas art it seems to suit spidey so well.

  13. Just read it at my LCS (not wasting money on this again) and my god was it boring! I didnt think a Bullseye fight could be so excruicating! No fun for me in this issue.

    Oh and that last page? Why the hell hasnt this been adressed in other Thunderbolts issues?…Considering this should take place before SI….also, what the hell does ‘New Ways to Die’ mean? No one has died yet in this book….

  14. I love this series and I think ANIT-VENOM IS AWESOME. I thought it was a brilliant twist and development of Brock’s character. Good stuff.

    @TheNextChampion – You seem to very much have problems with this book/arc. Why are you reading it?

  15. @J4K3:…..Cause I want to like it again!!!!

  16. @Champ – Come on man.  I’ve been real critical of this series, but this issue was fantastic.  I still can’t stand anti-venom but everything else was great.  A ton happened, the pacing was great, and it felt like the return of the Warren Ellis Norman Osborn.  FINALLY, I’m excited about this arc and anxious to see what happens next.

  17. @cutty: I’ve seen Osborne better at his game then this series. For 5 issues I’ve seen nothing but a poorly drawn Osborne spout lame lines….yes seeing him in the costume is great, but I dont see much excitement when I read it.

    Sorry I found it to be boring, I dont wanna go into another rant here but that’s how I felt. Nothing about this arc has been interesting and the only thing I like was Anti-Venom….Although now it looks ruined with the birth of Anti-Venom Scorpion or whatever the hell that thing is turning out to be on the final page.

  18. I agreed with your rants about this arc 100%.  But I think it turned the corner with this issue

  19. This issue was great. Not digging the Anti-Venom but Norm was creepy as hell. Bullseye was awesome with the whole "giving" the tracer back to Spidey. Ackkk!

  20. @TheNextChampion – Fair enough, but wanting to like it won’t make it good. And your wallet may start to bite your fingers…

  21. I totally loved this. I can’t stand the three week wait for the conclusion!

  22. Anti Venom is the shit!

  23. @TheNextChampion – "New Ways to Die" were words spoken by Osborn in this issue.  You sure you read it?

  24. @Actual: You know your right he did say it, I did read it but I didnt buy it so my memory is getting somewhat hazy now…..*runs away* lol

    Seriously though, I understand if Osbourne says it, but I dont get why it’s used as the title for this arc. No one has died yet!

  25. I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and this story arc. I don’t usually like it when there is more than one villain in a story but I’m enjoying the mix of villains here. Can’t believe we now have to wait a whole three weeks for the next one, summabitch!

  26. I really dug this issue! The story arc overall has been mostly good, but this issue really picked up the pace and was great. Also, I tend to be a sucker for Green Goblin, so seeing Norman suit up in a Spider-Man book gave me chills. I seriously cannot wait 3 weeks to what happens next!

    Anybody else noticing that Romita looks a little rushed in this book?

  27. This story arc was great.  Anti-Venom is really cool and I am interested to see what Harry is going to do.

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