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  1. Really looking forward to Guggenheilm’s return the book – really enjoyed his first arc.

  2. @torippu I agree. This has consistently been one of the best books I have read in months.

  3. Oh no, not back to the cycle of Spidey’s enemies knowing his identity again.

  4. So Jimenez is back Sweet! Guggenhiem is back Sweet! Villian who knows spideys indentity not so sweet so heres hoping its good. 

    And marvel editorial should be toning down the Editors notes by now. Im actually getting sick of them and their spoiling my enjoyment of the book!

  5. Last couple of issues were good, but still not anything I want to buy. I just flip threw them at my store I work at…Maybe cause I’m still an OMD hater….but the series has definitely improved for the last two months.

    If anything the covers are just fantastic to me. That last one with the Enforcers was just hilarious. ‘Must….get bumper car….up to…three…miles….per hour!’ Loved it.

  6. Another issue of Amazing that I will not buy.  I see the book, and I am tempted, but now I feel like I’m in a war of wills with myself.  I cannot give in and buy this book, Joe Q. and OMD must not be forgiven.  I realize I’m only punishing myself, but on the other hand I feel glad that I haven’t caved.

  7. Looking forward to the return of Guggenhiem. Hopefully this book will be better than Young X-Men.  I’m glad were Gale free for a while.  Gugg’s last 3 issues were great.

  8. OMD sucked.  Not for its premise or what it did to Spidey’s history.  It was just written poorly.

    Fans hated Spiderman getting married.  Now they hate him not being married.  Big friggin’ deal.  Damn near everything since OMD has actually been really good.

    Hate OMD and Joe Q all you want, but the current Spidey storylines are worth reading, imho.

  9. Wow, that was a great issue.  Im looking forward to reading the rest of this arc.

  10. Man this issue was great! And I had no confidence in this what so ever. I kind of regreted buying it. But it was really really good…Except for the attempts at humor. And the exchange between spider-man and the serious guy we’ve all seen dozens of times before. And the weird comic book store thing, which freaked me out a little. But the actual meat of the the story. The plot. The writing. This new Kraven. Totally totally great. Despite all the things that bothered me about this issue, the good parts still make it a definete P.O.W. contender for me.

  11. Wow, you really liked it?  I found it to be a little too predictable — could see that ending from the very start.

    And her internal dialogue was atrocious.

    Just all around, besides art, I felt let down by this issue.

    And the letter pages — scathing.

    I think it will pick up though, but right now I’m not liking how the Kraven chick is being written.

  12. @the bouv I saw the ending coming as well, but I didn’t see that it had to be that ending. I saw it going either way. I don’t think the failure of a twist to be truely surprising to a comic book reader isn’t the same as the failure of the whole book. I was entertained. You weren’t entertained? That’s fine.

    I liked watching Kraven hunt. I liked watching her screw up people’s lives. It felt like there were a lot of big moves in this issue and I liked that.

    Art wise, I didn’t love this. There was a flatness to the characters a lot of the time. But then again there were a bunch of very dynamic pannels that I liked a lot. And I think there were some good faces in this book. And Kraven didn’t look so bad, as long as she kept in the shadows and kept her hood up. 

    Personally, I liked to see artists with more animation-y styles do Spiderman. Dude from the Runaways did a good Spiderman. And I loved the Spiderman in Secret Invasion Frontline. Why don’t they bring some of that in?

  13. I thought what she was doing as she was hunting was fine, I just thought her internal thoughts made her out to be .. well .. dumb.  Just didn’t flow very well.

    Also, she makes note that he has a sixth-sense, but doesn’t notice when her target doesn’t react to the car, or her being in the apartment?  C’mon.

    I’ve been a big BND fan, so I’m not hating.  I just think this issue could have been better.

  14. @thebouv

    I think she took that as her being good at hunting that he didn’t sense her maybe? That’s what i thought anyway.

    I liked this book though, ASM has really been all over the place, but yea hopefully it can only get better 

  15. @the bouv I didn’t think about her not noticing a lack of spider-sense in the apartment. Maybe she isn’t as clear on how the spider-sense works as comic book fans, or, um, mayve that wil be addressed in the next issue, or, or, um…okay, she’s probably just a bit stupid.

  16. @NealAppeal – Could it be she just isn’t as good as she thinks she is?

  17.  Never liked chick supervillians, and she looks like a prepubescent lesbian. 

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