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  1. This garbage is so dropped…

    They wanted to appeal to new readers did they? Well, I picked it up, gave it a shot, but I just can’t continue to read Spider-man stories that talk down to me.  They make me angry, so I’m out.

    Just saying.

  2. Someone doesn’t like throwback storytelling…  😉

  3. Yeah I suppose so.  I’ll probably jump back on for the next Slott run, I liked that stuff.

    But even so, and maybe I’m projecting or something, does "throwback" mean condescending?  Cause that’s how the last issue seemed to me.

    Maybe I was grumpy when I read it 🙂

  4. I think you might have been grumpy..but I guess i could see what you mean.

  5. what was condescending in the last issue? the humor?

  6. Maybe he’s talking about the over-exposition? Gale was veering towards Claremont territory at times. I have been a huge BND fan but the last couple issues have certainly left me a little cold. Hopefully he finished out the arc strong, if not – oh well, the Wells/Bachalo Spidey/Wolverine team up next month looks sweet.

  7. I haven’t liked this month’s books much either. I am looking forward to next month though. It’s hard to go wrong with a Spidey/Wolvie team up.

  8. BND has felt like it’s in limbo so far.  Sure, we’ve had new villains, but no real progression.  Spidey’s almost always out of webs (I hate this story telling device and was glad they switched to organic webs simply because of this), there’s been no substantial presence by his supporting cast, even though they appear nearly every issue.  This book feels like it has no real direction, other than to simply take Spidey away from JMS’s very directionally driven run.  Really hoping we’ll see more in the next arc, but not holding my breath.  I can totally understand why my buddy’s gonna drop this book.  Me, I’m on for the long haul. Sigh.

  9. Are the arcs completely separate or loosely connected, or are they trying to smush 3 different teams into one ongoing? It just seems like a snowjob to get you to buy 3 different Spidey titles under one name.

  10. there are common threads that run through them all, they plan out the major beats as a group

  11. It has to end. I’m sure of it. All this does is make me feel bad for poor Peter Parker, :(. Come on, he’s in his mid to late twenties, lives in his elderly (by this point extremely elderly, surely!) aunts house, has no real job, and no meaningful relationships. But hey! At least he’s a superhero… right?… Guys?

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