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• From the pages of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, get ready for the greatest hero who ever existed…EVER!

• Alpha was having an awesome time of it, till that buzz-kill Spider-Man made him quit being a hero. But that was then …and this is NOW!

• Josh Fialkov & Nuno Plati (The Amazing Spider-Man) reunite to tell the tale of a hero whos about to hit the BIG TIME!

Story by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by Nuno Plati
Cover by Humberto Ramos & Joe Quinones

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. The only reason im contemplating getting this is because Fialkov. One of the most underrated writers out there

  2. 46 pulls (by Tuesday am) for a Spider-Man tie in #1. I’m calling flop on this. Fialkov and Plati may carry the book for a time, but once they leave, Alpha slips into The Sentry like status, a character other writers can’t wait to kill off.

  3. For someone who doesn`t know a thing about Alpha, what is with all the hate I hear at my LCS and here too for the guy?

    • Well he was intentionally written to be a gigantic tool, basically to show how not everyone who is given powers would turn out like Peter Parker did….it arguably worked well for that particular story but he is a really unlikable character. I have no idea why they are doing this mini series unless they are hoping Alpha will become an ongoing character in the Marvel Universe…which I really doubt happens.

  4. Flipped through it a bit today at the LCS and the art was pretty questionable, definitely not my cup of tea

  5. Okay, the art wasn’t amazing, but I really can’t understand why this is so lowly rated. I think a lot of people had decided not to like this before they read it. I still don’t like the character very much, but to me, it’s not about how good the character the story is about is, it’s about how good the story about the character is.. and this was a pretty cool story, and it was damn well written by a guy I never heard of. He made me start to feel some sympathy for Andy, especially with the amazing line about flying: “not even gravity expects anything from you”. If you’re waiting for other people’s opinions before you decide if this is worth your $3, it is. I can honestly say it’s a great comic

  6. You can tell they are setting him up to be one of Spider-Man/Peter Parker’s new villeins. A powerful on at that. Now that Doc Ock is messing with his head. Alpha will grow to hate Peter/Ock/Spidey.

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