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Amadeus Arkham has been arrested in a New Orleans opium den! Jonah Hex has joined an anarchist group called the August 7!

Nighthawk and Cinnamon are nowhere to be found, and they’re the ones who dragged Hex and Arkham into this conflict in the first place! But someone must have a plan, right? Right??

Plus: Being trained by a samurai in the desert might have been a strange beginning for a cowgirl vigilante, but Nighthawk and Cinnamon are in for an even stranger twist as they search for a way out of this trap!

Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Pencilled by Moritat & Patrick Scherberger
Inked by Dan Green & Moritat
Lettered by Rob Leigh
Cover by Jose Ladronn

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Anarchists? Nighthawk and Cinnamon (judging by the cover, I’d guess those were stripper assassins)? Wow, this book got interesting quick as soon as I stopped reading it.

  2. why can’t they go back to one-shot stories like the old days?!

  3. Being trained in the desert by a samurai IS strange. Can’t wait to see how the guys make that work.

  4. I think I’m dropping this series after this issue. Sad to see it go but I’m just not as excited to read this as other books and I also have to make room for new books next month.

  5. Palmiotti & Gray and Moritat have put on a wonderful show since issue #1. The backups have been stellar as well. Still excited for this series after 7 issues.

    • Agreed. One of my favorite books that I look forward to each month. Was worried about the back-ups, but have loved each one so far!

  6. This is the first issue that I’ve liked Arkham. The scene of him headshrinking a monstrous oaf was very funny. The art was particularly good this issue as well. I can’t get enough of Hex. He has the best lines. I actually, for real, lol. He’s the surliest, meanest, cold hearted, son of a bitch, around. His fight with ZC is just plain gorgeous to look at. You should pull this issue if haven’t yet. Its fantastic.

  7. This was a crazy issue. From the blonde assassin to Arkham smoking opium it was a roller coaster ride. Definitely the best issue of this series since #4 (which was also my POTW). Also, the back up is pretty damn good looking. I’m too lazy to spell the artist’s name (sorry ‘guy’) but his Gary Frank-like pencils really stood out to me.

    5/5 (POTW)

  8. A return to form 🙂

  9. Amadeus Arkham smoking opium like a pimp!

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