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Jonah Hex fights a giant bat to the death! But even with his winged foe slain, will he and Amadeus Arkham survive being trapped in a cave with the lost tribe of Miagani Indians? Hex and Arkham must enlist help – including some familiar faces and some surprising saviors – if they’re going to make it out of this death trap and bring justice to the enslaver of Gotham’s underprivileged children.

Plus: The Barbary Ghost proves that a girl can be a gang boss’s worst nightmare when she has vengeance on her mind.

Cover by LADRONN

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Last issue was really good and I think this title is finally hitting its stride.

    God I hope this fight with the bat is long and not a short sequence. I want to see it so badly.

  2. Great series so far…I’m really looking forward to the Barbary Ghost backup as well.

  3. I miss the stand alone Jonah Hex book with one and done stories. I’m not really enjoying the Amadeus Arkham character.
    This is a beautiful cover though.

  4. Very few people bought the last Jonah Hex book.

    If these changes keep this book being published with this creative team, I am all for the arcs and backups.

  5. I look forward to this book every month.

  6. I loved the previous Hex series, and I love this one almost as much. I did enjoy the stand alone stories of old, but there is nothing to say this won’t go back to that at some point and for now it’s an enjoyable change of pace.

  7. The pacing of this series is driving me BANANAS! Each set piece is really fun and typical Palmiotti and Gray (i.e. GREAT). But they only showcase them for so long and the transitions are really clunky if I’m being honest. I mean Arkham even admits that Hex fought a giant bat and encountered cave natives and NOTHING is said about it. The art from both stories save the issue and again, the pieces aren’t bad….But the wonky pacing needs to stop now.


  8. Was this featuring the miagani bat tribe from return of Bruce Wayne?

  9. I really enjoyed this issue. The Barbary Ghost conclusion cemented my love for this character. I can’t wait for her and Hex to have a run in. I think we all might need a break from Doc Arkham so I am glad that Jonah is taking a road trip to New Orleans. I love seeing my hometown in comics! New Orleans was featured early in the Grifter series and now I get to see my favorite bounty hunter tear it up in NOLA. The development of this western world is expanding the DCU in fun and innovative ways with intriguing characters we’ve never seen before. Who is this Nighthawk and Cinnamon? Can’t wait to find out.

    • I agree with pretty much everything. Exciting book!

      No idea if it wil play a part in this story or not, but Nighthawk and Cinnamon are Hawkman and Hawkgirl in a previous incarnation.

      I’m pretty sure they don’t have powers, but I might be wrong… I think they haven’t really been used, but they were mentioned some times in some Hawkman stories.

    • Hey, I’m in New Orleans, too. I got excited as well when I heard Hex was heading down to NO.

      Also, If I remember correctly, Voodoo, started out her series stripping in the French Quarter.

    • Great from beginning to end! Really enjoyed the conclusion to the Barbary Ghost story too. An easy 5/5!

    • @Tripleneck Crescent City Comics for life!

  10. This is fast becoming one of my favorite DC books. I can’t believe I wasn’t reading JH all this time. Stupid!

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