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The trail of a missing child from a wealthy family leads Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham into the watery catacombs of Gotham City’s still-under-construction sewer system – but will they survive the many dangers that lurk in those twisty depths?

Also: introducing the Barbary Ghost, a fireworks wielding mistress of vengeance, stalking San Francisco’s criminal underworld.

Cover by LADRONN

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I’m not a reader of this book, but I like the choice on art and the introduction of a spook named Barbary Ghost sounds promising.

  2. Issue of three of this book went right in the toilet. I’ll flip through this one, but if they dropped the underground society story and the art is a rushed scribble-eemess again, I’m afraid I’ve got to say goodbye to this one.

    • I don’t think the Religion of Crime story has been dropped, but rather, is being used as a sub-plot to run through the series. I agree about the art though. Definitely needs tightening.

    • Chopping block for me too. The art was distractingly bad last issue. The story has been fine, but overall, last issue was a mess.

    • It’s a shame about the inconsistencies with the art because IMO Moritat is capable of making this book one of the best looking titles on the shelf. Maybe it’s the deadlines, maybe he has decided to just mail it in for some reason. I’ll stick with it for another arc to see if things get better, but there are too many good books out there these days to buy one that is not passing the eyeball test.

    • I hate to admit it as I loved the first two issues so much, but I can’t even remember if I finished reading the third issue. It seemed a hot mess. I am hoping they get things back on track or this is where we part ways, pardner.

    • You are all crazy…. haha

  3. The pacing from last issue was very strange and the art definitely took a slide.

    But I’m confident that this book will only get better from here.

  4. due for the chop sadly, first issue was great. Artwork since then has been poor.

  5. Wow, I really loved the first issue of this, but the rest just failed for me. I really hated the”El Diablo” story, too. Sorry, All-Star Western, waiting for the collection.

  6. This issue was ok but just not good enough to have me keeping it on my pull list. Plus the backup story seemed really lame to me. 3/5 Dropped

  7. I really enjoyed the story (Temple of Doom, anyone?) and got used to the art but those back ups have got to go.

  8. I like the more rugged look to the art even though it is less stylized than the work on the first issue.

    This was an awesome issue. The child in this set a very creepy tone. It did become some Temple of Doom towards the end.

    5/5 and my favorite of the 4.

  9. All Star Western has been the surprise hit of DC’s New 52. I’m totally loving the interplay between Hex and Arkham. The art is a bit loose for my tastes, but not to the point of being distracting. I want more of the Religion of Crime, but I feel certain that we’ll be seeing them again. My big complaint is with the backup stories. I wish DC would scrap them.

    • i agree, i’d much rather get a Jonah Hex book for 2.99 than All-Star Western for 3.99.

    • I agree minus the partnabout the back-up stories. I love a good back-up story at the end… Makes me feel like I’m getting more for my buck. Not to mention, I really like this Barbary Ghost character. I’m hoping that these are characters that Jonah Hex meets later on when he does leave Gotham. 4/5.

  10. After a weak couple of issues this latest episode seems to have delivered on the promise the excellent first issue delivered. I have still (for now) cancelled this from my pull list, if the next two issues continue to improve there is every chance it might sneak back in.

  11. I’m quite sad/surprised about the negative reaction, I’m loving it. Oh well.

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