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• How did Hex get his scar?

• Jonah Hex’s early life is accounted for…and it’s plenty ugly!

Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Moritat
Cover by Ariel Olivetti

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  1. They already told that story in the last volume of Jonah Hex and I think it was one of the few multi issue story lines in the whole run.

    I’m excited for this anyway.

  2. Yeah it looks like Palimotti/Gray are trotting the same ground as they did in the last volume of Hex. But hey, it doesn’t involve Arkham or Gotham….so it should be better then what we’ve been getting lately.

  3. I hope there is some Jonah Hex Civil War badassery!

  4. Less Moritat, more Jordi Bernet!
    I never thought I’d say this, but I’m close to dropping this book

  5. In my opinion Moritat is just getting better and better.
    It will be interesting to see how the “new” JH’s origin differs from the (3 years?) old.

  6. Hmm, well I think Moritat’s getting worse. Well, sloppier at least. Especially when you compare previous issues to the first.
    The new colourist is a welcome change though.

    Also agreeing with TheAgeingYoungRebel, more Bernet please!

  7. So excited for this comic. Won’t be able to pick it up till Thursday ir Friday. All Star Western is my favorite DC book. It’s the first book for the week whenever it comes out.

  8. Really miss Hex just riding around the west killin folks who needed kiliin.

  9. Loved this issue.
    The opening showdown was terrific.

  10. Really good issue. Could be my favorite of the run. How close was this orgin the the one told previously?

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