• Young Cyclops meets the adult version of the little brother he thought he may never see again.

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Stuart Immonen & Wade von Grawbadger
Cover by Stuart Immonen & Leinil Yu

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 8.5%


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  1. The only X-title I get & it’s a double-bubble month, YAY!!!

  2. FINALLY! What a terrible month last month was! I need my All-New fix twice a month!

    I can’t wait to see how “Team Leader” Havok handles this.

  3. Haven’t been on the Uncanny Avengers so see how Havok is doing.

    • Uncanny Avengers is totally awesome, if you liked Uncanny X-Force then that continues the goodness!

    • Misterckent, have you not been reading my reviews bro? 😉

      It’s okay, I’ll let you slide this time, but yeah Uncanny Avengers is in the Top 5 “X” Titles Marvel is currently putting out (the other 4 being All-New X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and the just released X-Men), so go get those back issues and join the party.

    • He’s trying to settle into his role as a leader basically. He’s been pretty confident most of the times though I think in his decision making. Recently though the latest issues have focused mostly on all the apocalypse stuff.

    • Uncanny Avengers awesome, especially since Acuna has taken over on art. After a few more issues I may even compare it with Hawkeye, although it’s not quite Hawkeye material yet.

  4. can’t wait.this is a must read for me.

  5. Young Cyc most-likely doesn’t know a) that his brother is a mutant and b) that his blasts have no effect on him, so I think this will be interesting.

  6. Last issue by subscription.

    Hoping to read the first dozen this summer.

    Maybe I’ll get the second dozen eventually.

  7. JML ( says:

    This is one of those issues where nothing happened but everything kind of happened, depending on your perspective. If you were looking for a big superhero fight scene like the cover promised, you were out of luck. But that quiet page of Scott and Alex saying goodbye was worth the 3.99 price of admission.

  8. Spoilers!

    Bendis is killing it on this book. Look at what happened – nothing – and yet I find a smile on my face and joy in my heart. By far the best Marvel book this week.

    • I saved it for last, and am confident that was the right choice.

      But, man…SOOO MUCH happened! Alex meets young Scott…that was a great moment. And FINALLY someone calls out “bullshit” that the whole world is on a manhunt for Cyclops, but Scarlet Witch gets a free pass. The interaction w/ Jean and Wanda, and to some extent Rogue as well, was GREAT.

      Best line this week? “We have an understanding. I do whatever I want, and he understands”. Awesome.

    • Alex saying good bye to Scott was also a great moment.

      I totally agree, Rogue was great in this. She only said a handful of things but, darn, were they all good.

      Also Jean’s over-reaction to Wanda was great. Jean’s becoming a lose cannon due to her not fully controlling her powers.

    • @Scarlet I would hardly call it an over-reaction. Jean has it right: this is ALL WANDA’S FAULT. The “unconscious” thing is no different than Scott, but she is an Avenger, while Scott (her lover and future husband who has been wrecking her emotionally) is a wanted murderer. Many mutants died as a result of Wanda’s powers. It’s totally hypocritical, and Bendis NAILED it in this issue. Im loving this Jean Grey.

  9. Really love this book!! one of my favorite marvel books and a delightful surprise. That said, something needs to happen already, it just keeps building and building. And that’s fine but for a bi-weekly book the pace is rather slow.

  10. Dear lord, I hated this issue.

    1) Based on where the X-Men were heading at the end of issue 11, and where this issue ends up, I’m pretty sure I could go straight from 11 to 13 without missing a beat.

    2) I get it. I GET IT! Scarlet Witch, BAD! Iron Man, BAD! Hypocrisy abounds! And that’s all well, and good, but then where was all this fine reasoning when these guys decided to write all this crap about Cyclops offing Prof. X, and Scarlet Witch wiping out mutantkind, etc, etc. It’s like they’re seeking “credit” for knowing this is all very hypocritical. GREAT! WRITE A BETTER STORY TO BEGIN WITH THEN!

    Can we please get past this Avenger Vs. X-Man angst!!!?? I’ve been waiting for about 4 issues now for someone to start laying a beat down on an actual Marvel Super Villain. Instead, we’ve got to rehash the stupidity of last year’s crossover.

    • Killing Xavier and the re-birth of mutant-kind are the two most profound things to happen to Mutants since M-Day. Of course they are going to dwell on it. All of Marvel Now! is a gigantic reaction to what happened in AvX.

      Who needs super villains when we can get back to the drama and angst of previous generations. If you want super villains, then go check out one of the other plethora of X-Men titles out there. This one is going to be all about character self-evaluating themselves and the decisions they’ve made in the past.

      This is doubly true for an issue that stars the Unity Team of the Avengers.

    • Navel-gazing > Supervillains.

      Say it ain’t so, Bendis, say it aint so.

  11. Well, we’ve got a good bit of focus on Mystique, Sabertooth, and Lady Mastermind, and that plot thickening. Mystique is way underused, and now she has the attention of Uncanny Avengers, as well as All-New X-Men. I don’t mind giving the team some time to find their footing in this time-period before the big brawl with the super-bads.

  12. “I love you, man” panel has to be in the panels of the week this week

  13. I loved this issue a lot. This issue was definitely about character building. It really built up the relationship that Alex and Scott had, and have lost through their hardships as mutants. Bendis is at his best when the battles are psychological. Stuart Immonen’s artwork on this title is among the best books in Marvel right now.

  14. This was another solid issue but it just felt really short, I read it in about 3 minutes & Bendis normally is a lot more wordy!

  15. This was pretty good, but Jean’s outburst felt over the top and annoyed the hell out of me. I wanted her to shut up so bad that I began hoping that someone would just slap her till she got a hold of herself already like in an old 30s movie.

    • It struck me like that at first too. But after a little thought, I think that maybe when she went in to Wanda’s mind, Jean actually “lived” the Decimation event. I can imagine that might be a bit intense for a powerful, but largely-untrained telepath to handle.

      But beyond that, is any outburst from a teenager not at least a little annoying?

    • I thought the outburst was PERFECT (except I wish Jean woulda kicked the crap out of Wanda). This resonated amongst the throwbacks the way it should have and may be a game changer, like “You left THAT part out!” I’m sure it was a huge shock for Jean to see what mutant kind had become only to have erased by someone she considers an adversary. This was a long time coming and I hope put things in perspective for everyone.

  16. Any other Nextwave fans get a lot of joy out of seeing Immonen draw Fin Fang Foom again? In all his purple underpantsed glory!

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