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AIR #2

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  1. I’m on singles for the first arc of this book, then I’ll see about sticking with in trades or singles, or at all.

  2. I like the covers so far. They all look striking.

  3. I’m in 2 minds about this… I didn’t like the 1st issue but it might get better…? Hmmm.

  4. @ Deadspace- I’m the same way I was excited for this series, but really didn’t like the first issue. Dropping, but keeping a hopeful eye on it.

  5. If Vertigo can do one thing, it’s covers.

    That said… yeah… Can’t pick this book up…

  6. I’ll be watching reviews on this to see if I want to pick up issue 2.  I had very mixed feelings about 1.

    That is a hell of a cover.

  7. I liked the first issue. It wasn’t mind blowing and didn’t ahve a killer hook, but about the only first issue Vertigo book i can think of that has recently was the first issue of Y: The Last man. I suppose one oculd say that the intriuge in issue was the hook.

  8. The art is so very, very amateurish.  🙁

  9. I decided (against my better judgement) to just get this anyway. Thankfully it was better than the 1st issue. I’m just not sure if I like it or not. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be… it’s all a big mystery just now. I might stay on this for the 1st arc because I’m interested enough I suppose and I can see how this might actually turn out to be good. It’s a Vertigo book afterall, and they don’t often put out rubbish.

  10. i’m not sure what the hell is going on in this book. i’ll probably pick up the next issue and hope it pays off.

  11. I wasn’t going to get this but somebody commented it was better than the first, and so I picked it up.  It was better, though it sort of felt like a totally different story.  I’ll give it an arc, because I feel like once I figure out what’s up, I might like it.  I do enjoy the art except for not being able to tell apart characters, or time lines, or reality vs. dreams.

    I think it was Tom Katers on Around Comics who was talking about how, in the first issue, the artist should have found a way to signal a difference between the present action scenes and the flashbacks, which I found to be a really good point —

  12. man this book was bad, just bad!

    Vertigo is trying to go for the magically realism of Gabriel García Márquez or Salman Rushdie. But those guy’s are actually decent authors

  13. I agree with Edward.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve picked up a Vertigo book that was THIS bad… the dialogue is laughable ("He’s been shot!" exclaims the rather portly Indian lady when Fletch is in fact shot…), the art is HORRIBLE.  Horrible.  The whole package is just an amateurish mess, and I give the series 16 issues at best before it’s axed (which is a conservative number, this is Vertigo, and they tend to let their books find their audience before doing anything drastic).

    The first issue was bad.  This one’s worse.

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