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Mutantkind’s final war starts here.

If you don’t know which side you’re on, check your DNA.

Story by Mike Carey
Art by Mirco Pierfederici, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Carlo Barberi, Walden Wong, Paco Diaz, Paul Davidson
Colors by Antonio Fabela, Matt Milla, Brian Reber
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Chris Bachalo, Tim Townsend, Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales, Laura Martin

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Anyone have any idea what this event is about?

  2. @RocketRacoon  Yep.

  3. @conor  Really?

  4. Can anyone push me one way or the other on this? Im intrigued but keep going back and forth between buying this and not. 

  5. @origamikid  Really what?

  6. @glwarm76  I may be biased as a huge fan of Mike Carey’s Vertigo work (Lucifer, Crossing Midnight, The Unwritten, among others) but he’s a really great and creative writer who’s been writing reliably solid X-Men stories for years now. This event seems to be his opportunity to go nuts with the whole X-Men cast and do his own thing with them. Don’t know if that convinces you, but I’m really excited to see what Carey comes up with.

  7. @ibagree  Thanks. Thats an effective sell. I’ll give this issue a shot and if it delivers, continue with the event. 

  8. This is interesting…unlike Age Of Apocalypse, it looks like we’re not going to know what exactly what is causing this alternate universe. Looks to be an interesting layer of mystery to this story.

    Seriously can’t wait for this.

  9. Clay Mann is also an awesome artist, and although he’s not doing this issue at all, he will be on the Legacy issues, so there’s a good reason to go for it.

  10. This one-shot is the only chance Carey is getting to convince me to jump back on to X-Men:Legacy, which I dropped for lack of interest in the story he was telling.  The piques my curiosity though. 

  11. Yeah, I’m hoping this doesn’t suck.

  12. I like how Carey has taken a que for DnA’s mini series events withe the one-shot primer (wonder if he will do an epilogue as well?)

  13. Why has nobody monetioned that cover?



  14. @conor  Do you really know what this event is about? Cause Marvel haven’t done the best of lead up’s

  15. I have a bad feeling about this…

  16. @origamikid  Clicking that link will tell you as much as you’re going to know before reading the book.

  17. Crap. Terrible art, weak story. 

  18. Yikes. This was not good at all. Not really sure what I was thinking to begin with. I’m out.

  19. This is going to be superb. The story is bleak and depressing, but it has such a nice flair to it that it’s going to be a blast to read. I also love how Carey is throwing us into the deep end here, it adds a mystique to the story and will make the reveals much more interesting.

    This was an interesting preamble to the story. I definitely liked the Basilisk story the best. Can’t wait till chapter 1 in X-Menegacy.

  20. I liked it.  I wasn’t expecting much, but I will definitely be checking out the rest of this series.

  21. Why the hell was this made?  Considering what has come before, this is the biggest waste of time I can think of.  What happened to the Mike Carey from before Messiah Complex?

    This has been done so many times before, and it was 10x more creative, original, set up, and executed.  There have to be better stories to tell with all of these characters, this was so stale

  22. I can’t do this one. I’m having serious X-over fatigue. I’ll spend my money on something creator owned instead.

  23. This was kinda tiring, but liked the Basilisk part.

  24. This turned out to be awesome. Looks like I’m buying this storyline!

  25. I’ll be sticking around for this. The only thing i needed from this issue was a background for “The Basalisk” (which i absolutely loved) and a scene to show that Magneto is a BAMF. I got both (and more)… so, kudos.

  26. Check out the review of this issue at Critic Hammer 

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