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• To save the planet Earth – and maybe the entire galaxy! – the heroes of the Marvel Universe made the most controversial decision of their lives. The results have brought disaster the likes of which they have never seen before.

• And now, with one final chance…can they make it right?

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Brandon Peterson & Carlos Pacheco
Cover by Carlos Pacheco, Jorge Molina, & Rock-he Kim

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  1. POTENTIAL SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m going to guess that the Wolverine we have been following from the last few issues jumps back in time and stops his past self from killing Pym. Wolverine then TALKS to Pym and some how they come up with an amicable solution (be it re-programming or grafting Pym’s mind onto Ultron or some such). We jump forward and see Ultron is about to take over the world when – boom – something happens and Ultron dies or is morphed into Pym. Future Ultron, the enemy we’ve been fighting all along, jumps back in time and there’s a massive fight that could destroy the universe some how (call it a doomsday button and Ultron’s finger is right on it). Angela makes her Debut and puts things right then decides to stay in the mortal plane to ensure stuff like this never happens again.

  2. Anyone else think the cover looks kinda odd because there is no blood on wolverines claws or other wolverines chest?

    • It’s Marvel. The Big 2 aren’t going to go full R rated, especially on the cover. PG-13 always sells more.
      Alternatively, Wolverine had the stainless coating put on his claws so he doesn’t have to worry about excessive dripping or cross-contamination from pulling in bloody claws.

    • Maybe Wolverine upgraded to Light Saber Claws, so they cauterize the wounds (thus no blood).

    • I figured blood is too R rated. It would also be awesome if wolverine had lightsabers as claws. Wolverine really needs to cross over into the star wars universe and get on that.

    • Wolverine vs. Darth Vader – Battle of the Century!

      I think that fight would hinge on whether Adamantium could be cut by a Lightsaber.

    • Everyone itching for lightsaber claws should check out the resurrected Daken Remender came up with over in Uncanny Avengers.

  3. Is this still a thing? I’d almost completly forgotten about it with all the noise Infinity is making. Marvel really needs to scale back their events though. I can only hear “This changes everything!” so many times….

    • Yeah, it was great flipping through a Previews book and seeing solicitations for the end of Age of Ultron and the prelude for Infinity coming out the same month. It has happened, Marvel is no longer capable of functioning without having some sort of event going on at any given moment . . .

  4. Am I the only one thinking that Bendis has done a poor job explaining how this alternative world came about . . ?

  5. This series is stupid as fuck, but since I’ve stuck with it this long, I figure I might as well see it through to the end.

  6. consafo80 consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Almost at the end now. And wishing I never bothered.
    This was my first Marvel event and it may of put me off them for life. It all hangs on this so called game changing ending.

  7. I am enjoying the story. I think it’s fun, had some great action, and been a cut better than most events.

  8. WHY IS THIS ONE OF THE TOP-PULLED BOOKS OF THE WEEK?!?! And why did I contribute to it gaining that status? 🙁


    Solid issue. Now we get the talky solution because – as predicted – the killy solution was a terrible idea.

    Does anyone else wonder how Wolverine killed Wolverine? My money is on canibalism.

  10. This event kind of feels like its setting up another event or major story arc, one that involves the timestream.

  11. The Universe has gone screwball… I’m surprised only 2 Wolverines show up. Was hoping he keeps showing up in an infinite loop and a huge paradox battle would break out. Feels like this wasn’t mapped out correctly when it launched. Well, at least the madness will be concluded soon, hope the end justifies the means.

  12. For me, the only truly suspenseful moment in this entire miniseries has been the cliffhanger after Logan killed Hank Pym; and waiting to see how that affected the timestream. The rest has felt like $32 worth of decompression.

  13. The art in this stinks. That cover is terrible, one of the worst ever. Would Wolverine make a scared face? It looks like the stink art you see on ebay. No time to draw a background. This started off great. Once Hitch left the art and story are in the crapper.

  14. All this time confusion’s got me bedazzled! Bedazzled, nonetheless, though. I liked it. I like Pacheco immensely. For those who don’t like his style, I think it’s clear different people have different tastes in artwork. Remember Pacheco was trying to stylize his drawing to reflect the past.

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