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• The impossible has happened!

• The Earth has been taken by Ultron…what few super hero survivors there are try desperately to stay alive.

• And it is Luke Cage who discovers the secret behind Ultron’s victory over all of mankind.

• A secret that will have fans of Marvel comics arguing for years to come!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Bryan Hitch & Paul Neary
Cover by Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary, Paul Mounts, Fenghua Zhong, & Rock-he Kim

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I borrowed the previous issues from a friend and it’s really frustrating!

    Bendis has so far, in 3 20 page issues, revealed the following:
    -Ultron took over the world, all heroes beaten, most killed.
    -Ultron is trading with low levels villains.
    -Heroes have a plan (doesn’t start till issue 3), to get someone in and get more intel.
    -Vision is somehow involved.

    There have been some other stuff here and there, but they’re too insignificant at the current time. Decompression can be ok sometimes if it helps build up an atmosphere, but right now, all it’s doing is making it feel like 60 pages that coulda been done in 40. Just my opinion.

    • But I think there has been more than plot, there has been some great action…issue #1 was really an action stunt sequence. I dunno, I’m enjoying this book so far. Don’t have a problem with the pacing, more just with the randomness of some of Bendis’ heroes and choices. Still, Hitch is great and the story is relatively focused for an event.

    • @ thehungrywolf I agree with you on this. Just read the forth issue and I still don’t understand what the hell is going on. I can understand being a bit vague for an issue or two, but this has gone on long enough. I’m $16 in on this it would be nice to see the story advance some.

    • Have to agree with you, too. There’s a sense that the story has stalled. More actually happened in the Superior Spider-man comic last week than has happened in AU. It’s already become as tedious as AvX.

  2. I’m buying this, but only on the off-chance that something that has some significance will happen. So far, it aint lookin’ so good…

  3. I read all three in one sitting and so far not really impressed. Where’s Proper Hulk (not some Red traded in) and why is it that Captain America always seems to be the sulky, beaten down hero. He should have been taking point from day one. This doesn’t seem to be the hero that could have had so much experience in WW2 and so far basically sulk for 2 issues. The FF add on seems largely pointless apart from getting Sue to Earth and I;m gonna be even more annoyed if the main time travel part of the story ends up being in spin off books rather than the core title. 10 $3.99 issues should be enough to tell everything.

  4. Not seeing a problem here is ANYONE just enjoying this like me?

    • Keep in mind that even though people complain and moan all throughout, the sales are always fairly strong for these slow paced events. It seems like oftentimes, people just like to complain because complaining about events gives you comics street cred.
      That said, I hope things start picking up from here. I’m starting to get the feeling this may be one of those events that’s more about what it sets up (Neil Gaiman coming and bringing his toy box of characters) than what it does itself.

    • I’m enjoying this very much, so no, you are not alone!

    • Yeah this is a great comic. It should be rated higher. Great art and an interesting story. It’s coming out every week or so and people are saying it’s too slow. I defy you to find better end of the world city destruction art. It feels like the world is destroyed and not going to be fixed next issue.

  5. I liked this a lot. I knew time travel was involved but didn’t expect how it would play out. Even though I should have known Ultron is Skynet.

  6. This was a good issue, but man was it a long time coming. I’m hoping the pacing continues to build. Those who have gripes have LEGIT gripes. To say that people who complain about crossovers do so just for credibility or to be cool is to showcase that you don’t really have a counter argument and you need to disarm their argument somehow.

    • Agreed. Crossovers are marketing events, and when it comes time to read the goods, it’s difficult to expect people to not point out where the comic didn’t match the ballyhoo.

      As it stands right now, I don’t see much difference between Age of Ultron and Infinity Gauntlet. First, half of the Marvel Universe just dies. Then the remaining characters are getting whacked at a rate that you know is going to end with a great big ol’ reset button. In the meantime, I can’t say that I’m enjoying the story.

  7. So… SPOILERS…

    Are the Heroes going to kill Hank Pym?

    • That will probably be the general plot direction, but too obvious to be the actual ending. It would also basically force a hard reboot of the Marvel U right after they soft rebooted all of their books, so again, I think Hank is mostly safe.

    • But erasing Ultron from time also irrevocably alters the Marvel U. It’ll be interesting how Marvel/Bendis decides to solve this conundrum.

  8. Hmmmm…..

    Sounds like a lot of people going in are not satisfied with the story so far.

    If the story is so bad, why get the rest of the issues?

  9. It’s a very readable but DECOMPRESSED mini. It might be the first one in quite some time that I don’t finish. Marvel Now’s initiative of upping the prices on their regular titles plus decompressing us with minis might be the straw that breaks this camel’s back…

  10. Having fun with this. Feels like a What If or Ultimate book. Like the Savage Land. Not sure why they are using masks and hero names after the end of the world, but hey.

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