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• The biggest secret in comics will be revealed to you! An ending so confidential even the artists of this book don’t know what lies on the final pages!

• A surprise so big that comic book legend Joe Quesada himself returns to the pages of Marvel Comics to draw a sequence that people will be talking about for years!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Brandon Peterson

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. Can’t wait to see how this event ends. I’m hoping for a big pay off!

  2. I’m hoping for the Miracleman reveal that Ron called. That would be AMAZING!!

    • Miracleman would be pretty freakin awesome. Whatever the “secret” is, it better not be Angela. That’s been hyped so much, there’s no way it can be considered a secret anymore.

  3. I doubt this will have a secret ending that hasn’t been revealed by Hunger and Guardians of the Galaxy solicitations.

  4. well….that sucked.

  5. I kind of liked it.

    • Well, it looks like Marvel is running out of ideas since Spider-Men and now this. I joke (kinda).

      This reminded me of DC Comics Flashpoint.

  6. So, uh, I guess all I care to know is: are we supposed to understand that the Incursion events happening over in Avengers & NA were caused by Wolvering messing up the time-space continuum? If so, why didn’t anyone mention it? Cap and Iron Man seem to fully know what’s going or.

    Or should we regard this as its separate clusterf*ck? I’d like to think Hickman has better plans than this, as far as an explanation is concerned.

  7. Can someone just blow this ending for me so I don’t have to buy it? I’ve really been bored by this series ever since the artist change and just want to stop the bleeding

    • Sure, nothing changes, status quo continues…

      Not really, I gotta buy the thing too…


      Past Pym creates a virus and embeds it into Ultron’s code prior to its creation. We return to the near present, where Near-Present Pym is given a video of his past self explaining the plan (because Pym’s memory was erased to preserve the timeline). We race over to another part of the world where the Avengers are assaulting the Intelligentsia, way back when they kidnapped Spider-Woman and were (unwittingly) activating Ultron. Pym (via tony stark) uploads the Trojan, which activates the hidden virus. Ultron is deactivated. Meanwhile, we skip to the present where Wolverine and Sue have returned from the past. Moments later, world shakes and time cracks, creating breaches in the multi-verse. Galactus heads off to the Ultimate Universe (Hunger), Pym has an idea of how to fix everything (Avengers A.I.), Angela is dragged into the 616 universe and is furious (Galactic Guardians #5).

  8. The most interesting thing in the end was Galactus crossing into the Ultimate books. May actually check that out. Also Spidey 2099 is always good to see

  9. So… a reasonably entertaining time-travel yarn, followed by an epilogue of what appear to be editorial mandated non sequiturs. Color me unsatisfied.

    • If it had ended right before the Angela scene this would have been a really fun ending. I just don’t get the big deal about Angela coming into the Marvel universe… She seems kinda lame…

  10. The pay offs from the story were A the ultimate universe is probably going to be combined with the regular universe down the line B Angela appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy and her whole blah blah appearance in the Marvel Universe in general, because who ever brought her here is going to pay for what they did to her…. PAY! She should be dealing with Wolverine if that’s the case.

    The endings were already spoiled in solicitations which I’m not surprised. I think Marvel and the comic book industry should really pull back on solicitation 3 months ahead of time.

    • I agree. Sometimes I think we’d be better off without all the information at our disposal. Ignorance can be bliss.

    • I intentionally never read solicitations for books I read and most books that are likely to bleed into mine. I usually won’t even read interviews with creators associated with books I read as well. Although I do look at covers, but covers these days seem to usually be misleading anyway.

  11. Why are Marvel event repercussions more interesting than the actual event?

  12. Miles Morales vs. Galactus > LOL, kind of lame of Galactus gets beat by a 15 year old…

    Angela vs Wolverine > meeh… if he gets beat by Angela, he’s probably just going to time warp and kill her as a child… damnit McFly!!!

  13. How do they, in good conscience, promo this as the biggest secret in comics? I understand that they have to sell books, and I get it that they are not at fault for the big reveals that came out months ago, but really? Art so confidential that no one else knows what is going to be there…except anyone with an internet connection.
    This was not that ground-breaking of an event to me, and it generally just made messy continuity and storylines messier- I am going to crawl back into the numerous image and dark horse books that are so much more interesting. Best of luck to the Marvel U in keeping things interesting…until the next status quo changing event that starts next week.

    • Actually, the next status quo changing event started this very week in Avengers, Infinity Prelude . . . no, really, I’m not making it up — Marvel literally cannot continue publishing without some event somewhere in their line at any time . . .

    • Damn it! You’re right

  14. I enjoyed this serious, but it was nothing special. Truthfully Im just glad it didn’t mess up the status quo because I happy with the way the majority of Marvel Now books are playing out.


    I guess the huge reveal was supposed to be the universes bleeding into each other, which was already rumored on the internet, and even if it wasn’t, would not have been that shocking coming two years after DC did the same thing at the end of Flashpoint. So, yeah, pretty much false advertising/hype in my opinion . . .


    The solicitations for upcoming comics ruined most the cool reveals in this comic. Very disappointing Marvel.

    Pretty stoked about the consequences, especially Ultimate Spidey vs. Galactus, should be fun!

    It was an enjoyable comic but the end of it felt a bit like Marvel was shilling its new products to us.

  17. The poly bag was completely unnecessary; the story lacked any real surprises that hadn’t already been put out by Marvel in press releases, interviews, and solicitations. Maybe they just wanted to hide how many different people worked on the art to keep sales from deflating! In fairness, the story was fine, but I thought it was pretty unremarkable. In light of the build up I felt disappointed like the comic didn’t deliver on its hype; I’d give it three stars.

  18. Well it’s finally over thankfully, this had the potential to be a good story but it was poorly executed. On a side note I’m the only one who thought the tie ins where better than the main books?

    • While some of the tie-ins were disappointing, I’d agree that there were tie-ins betters than the main event. The Black Widow and Captain Britain stories allowed for more personal, character drama than was found in the main story . . .

  19. I kept defending this series from the haters…but the haters were right. This series goes straight to the recycle bin.

  20. SPOILERS – btw, why does there need to be any reason for Galactus to visit the Ultimate universe? Can’t they easily have one of their own?

  21. After all the hype this was the biggest who cares ending I can remember. The first few issues were awesome with great art by Hitch and the story really seemed to matter. Then the art turned terrible and so did the story. Does anybody really care about Angela? If the story didn’t leak I don’t think most people would have even known who she was. I don’t even get what the big fight about her character was. I mean would her license garner any money? I guess since she’s here Gaiman got something unless Marvel used her so he would do other work.

    • On the money- I have no idea how they can build so much hype around one of the terrible 90’s women exploitation characters that had zero personality and somehow less clothing. Was ANYONE asking for a return of this character (aside from Gaiman who holds licensing rights)? I let the polybag fool me into thinking something big might actually happen in this issue- what I got was about five different artists telling a messy story about the evils of time travel. I also agree that this story felt bigger in the first few issues- then it dragged on, then time travel got involved…ugh.

  22. “Age of Ultron” will be very memorable to me as the last comic book event that I ever bought.

    $40 of cheesy decompressed time travel with a lousy ending?

    Shame on Marvel.

  23. Is it wrong I feel schendenfrued about this series? I knew this would be a waste, which is why I never picked up a single issue.

  24. Yeah I’m a little diasppointed in the last two issues of this. I’m not going to pick up any of the continuation stories to this other than I might check out the Galactus in the Ultimate Universe one if it looks good. Overall I think the event had a lot of potential and started farily strong but that just kind of fizzled at the end.

  25. This is all a setup to eventually bring Miracleman into the Marvel U.

  26. No one really liked it but there were 640 pulls?

    • It saddens me, the worst part is people kept up with it because they’d already spent so much on the other issues.

    • And I was stupid- thinking that there had to be more behind this story than a big excuse to bring Angela into the Marvel U. So stupid…

    • Yet for all of this negative energy it’s probably still going to sell. Marvel can put anything out there and it will still sell. That puzzles me. Low quality, confusing storyline, out of character responses and it all still sells.

    • I have a friend who loaned me his issues. If I had to pay for them myself, I would never have read it. I have not paid money for a Marvel event since Siege (the last good one in my opinion).

  27. Here’s something I’ve been wondering: Bendis has supposedly been developing this story for years, does that mean that Marvel has been planning to collapse their universes for awhile, but, for whatever reason, have been taking their time to do it? Or did Bendis have to take his original Ultron story and fit it into new editorial whims which had nothing to do with his original ideas . . ?

    • Probably a little of both, he might have had to change/alter his ending to fit with the rest of the Marvel books. Plus he is writing a number of important books too so that must of given him some leeway.

    • From what I heard, this series was mostly done by this time last year. My guess is that the last half of the series – and especially the ending – were completely altered.

  28. Well, I had some fun. I knew it was dumb. and that nothing would happen, I spent 40 bucks, and enjoyed myself like I did when I was 13. (and spent 15$) But hey, I had fun.

  29. Congratulations to Marvel for taling what should have been at best a four issue series, and dragging it out to 10 issues.

    • You need 5 issues.

      1: Showcase hopelessness of Age of Ultron, learn of Ultron’s abuse of time
      2. Escape to Antarctica
      3. Team goes to future to fight Ultron (an dies), Wolverine kills Pym.
      4. Showcase crazy future without Pym
      5. Put everything right, break time.

  30. I liked the mess that was left at the end. Liked. Not loved. Twisting the Ultimate universe into Marvel will make products happen that I won’t buy into. I wish they’d leave the two Universes alone. This new character — whatername? Undo that, please. I mean, what? Is 90’s the new retro? Do we really need to go there again??

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