Spinning directly out of UNCANNY X-FORCE!

The Amazing X-Men have lost and the evil Weapon X is more powerful than ever! But who are these heroes, these lowly mortal men and women, who step out from the shadows? Who are the X-Terminated?

Story by Dave Lapham
Art by Roberto de la Torre
Cover by Humberto Ramos & Bryan Hitch

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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. I don’t care what anybody thinks, this is going to rule.

  2. I started UXF midway through The Dark Angel storyline which was kinda dumb and I just didn’t get what the buzz was about on this book…well with the slow 5th week I grabbed the trades and I finally get it…as a result, I am really excited for this to come out…I curse you Marvel for drawing me back into your X-world!!

  3. I flipped through this, but it certainly didn’t look like the Age of Apocalypse that I remember (and loved).

  4. I love the idea of doing a book that competently expands upon the Age Of Apocalypse universe (instead of keeping it as simply a world where superpowered beings always fight), but I feel that so many stories were trying to be told that nothing was told well.

  5. picked this up on a whim because i have fond memories of the old one.
    question: do i need to have read UXF to understand this?
    because i did not. is there anything in particular that i should know b4 reading this?

  6. I was really impressed for a first issue. I think the narration from the reporter who got stuck over there was kind of compelling. I also like that it doesnt seem likely to be event ridden and if it had a UXF crossover..well, thats not a bad thing.

    @sitara119 – pretty much everything you need to know going into it is summarized on the first page. My memories of the original Apocalypse storyline are vague at best and I dont think that hindered my enjoyment.

    • thanks mac.
      i’ve not enjoyed the x-world for quite some time, but i’m am really looking forward to this.
      and i read your comments above about UXF and have also read one here and there and never understood all the buzz surrounding it. but because of your thoughts on it, i want to pick it up in trade and see if it blows my mind like it did everyone else’s or if it just blows.
      thanks for the insight

  7. AOA Sabertooh is in this issue? I thought he was a better character then regular Sabertooth.Big fan of original AOA, so looks like a book to try out.

  8. Swamp Thing this week was really good – but throw me into some AOA with really good Lapham writing… POTW for me.

    This fired on all cylinders, & I was initially a little skeptical of an all-human cast (which turned out not to be the case at all). De la Torre’s art style on this was perfect for the subject matter… And “once Keeper Murdock has your heartbeat”… ah sweet!

    • Lapham has created a pretty complex world in an issue. I am really surprised at how much I enjoyed it…Keeper Murdock is friggin’ awesome!

  9. It’s the AoA Universe except with characters you don’t know, nor care about.

  10. i think i like this. i still have a few reservations, but i really dig post-apocalyptical, alternate realities. wasn’t expecting to see DD. pleasantly surprised. horror show looks awesome. and i much prefer the look of18th century style hellfire club to the hellfire tots.

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