Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Travis Moore
Covers by Francis Manapul

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.3%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Every week I try to make a comment on each book I pull about my expectations. With this book, I have absolutely no idea.

  2. Agreed. Make or break time with this one. Two words: fill-in

  3. Well I’m not even doing the whole Superman crossover stuff, so I’m dropping this regardless.  I don’t think I have enough connection to Conner to fully appreciate this issue either.  This is the kind of comic that makes me wish I didn’t pre-order all my books.

  4. I have a connection to Connor through his relationship to Tim Drake Wayne and Krypto (cause Krypto is an amazing character.) I would like to see where this book takes Superboy. I just wish Geoff Johns was writing this issue. 

  5. Not committing to this title — not until the have a permanent team and a direction in which this book is going to go. The Johns issues were very good . . . but this title feels like a mini-series.
    To me, Conner has no true place in the DC Universe; There’s already too many "Super" people.
    Would be great to have him go to the future and stay with the Legion . . . or have him and Red Robin team-up in a new World’s Finest series. (Would be reviving that old Sons of Batman/Superman thing they did in the 70’s.) 

  6. @Arrrggghhh: I’d like to see Connor, Cassie, and Tim team up with the Legion in the future.

  7. ARRRGGGHHH is right. I’ve said it a few times on here before, Johns needs to write a Red Robin/Superboy monthly.

  8. I’m sticking with this until at least after the Robinson’s stuff is done. After that though I look foreward to dropping it

  9. I’m sure this is not the real title that’s actually printed. Probably just says ‘Adventure Comics #7’ on it. Still…..this is the worst title for a comic ever. It gives everything away!

  10. @TNC

    When they first announced it on DC’s site, it had that title, but a "Top Secret" cover.  I remember thinking "Thanks guys, good thing you had that cover so it wasn’t ruined for me."

  11. I’m thinking I’ll page through this, but not sure I’m all that interested at the moment.  Thought Blackest Night was over in Adventure Comics.

  12. That doesn’t look like a Manapul cover.

  13. @AmitCat

    Since this was originally a "Top Secret" cover, they probably went with someone else (Aaron Lopresti) after Manapul couldn’t get two done.  That’s what I assume at least.

    Here’s the Manapul variant: 

  14. This was a lot better than I expected.  Nothing great, but better than the other two BN Adventure issues by far.

  15. This was fun but it felt like a 22 page script stretched out to make the expanded page count.

  16. Really good. One of the better BN tie-ins overall. 4/5 for me.

  17. Loved this. Tilted to a 5 because I love the Superboy/Krypto dynamic.  

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