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Phil Jimenez (INFINITE CRISIS, Amazing Spider-Man) launches an arc starring the rookies as they learn to be heroes at Legion Academy! This gorgeous issue marks a perfect jumping-on point for any new reader curious to learn about the DC Universe of the 31st century!

Written by PAUL LEVITZ

Price: $2.99
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  1. i am picking this up SOLELY on the name Phil Jimenez.

  2. Preview pages looked good.  I was going to drop, but may stick around a bit.

  3. I think the numbers would be higher if it was its own series. The Legion stories in Adventures have been mostly dull, so people may not be aware of the new direction. The brief look we had at the Academy a couple of months ago has me psyched — and am looking forward to the return of the 80s members.

  4. LOVE the cover

  5. I feel like the Legion is red hot right now. Hopefully Adventure hits its stride with the Academy. I didn’t know LoSH even existed a year and a half ago. Now it’s one of my favorite books every month. It’s just fun stuff.

  6. Jiminez and a $2.99 price point led me to add Adventure to my sub list. The preview was stunning and the LOSH Annual showed Levitz as being on his game. Looking forward to this.

  7. Good characterization for the teachers in this issue, and it was great seeing Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl, as well as Night Girl again.  Definitely looking forward to seeing more of these three in this series.  Not sure I can say the same thing for the students, however, as Im not sure I saw anything in them that showed why I should care whether these students get into the Legion.  I preferred seeing their spotlight several months ago where they showed some a heroic side.  Here, Im with Triplicate Girl, they’re acting like spoiled brats and punks…maybe they are just kids, like Bouncing Boy said, but since a good number of folks didnt catch their Legion spotlight months ago, it needed to be shown here why they should be the next generation of the Legion.

  8. Still haven’t been able to pick up my books this week yet, but Levitz’ new Legion has really been solid, and I love Jimenez, so I can’t wait to have this in my hands

  9. I liked the story and art in this book better than what’s been going on in the main title.

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