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  1. The Manapul art was great, hope that this is more of the same

  2. Really looking forward to this one.

  3. Since the preview blurb mentions Luthor and Brainiac, can we assume that this is now going to be the fifth book in the Superman family?  (ie – will it get a number on the cover telling you where it fits into the story?)

  4. Poor Krypto. Holding up that picnic table all by himself just so his master can get lucky. 

  5. I’m looking forward to some more Starman zaniness. 

    @Crippler – I sincerely hope not. I am beginning to wish we could just scrap all continuity and let these books live independently.  

  6.  Francis Manapul  is going to be the artist on flash when it goses ongoing

  7. that’s disappointing, whoever takes over this book has some big shoes to fill.

  8. @Crippler – Johns made it sound like this was more a self-contained book. It’s importants to the WoNK story is limited.

    @oldmanlogan88 – Fuck, that blog post said Johns is leaving after #6 also.

  9. @stuclach Bah! It’s easier to tell non-continuity stores. It takes skill to tell a good tale in continuity.

  10. This has gotta be an early contender for best of the week in covers.

  11. Who could take this title on after Johns leaves?  I see a sales drop in the future.


    I’m waiting for this book and already think it may be my POtW.

    Conner’s return has such an interestin story, #1 was one of those stories

    I tell people when I get the chance,  I hope this book stays good past John’s run.

  12. @Reform   I’d be down for seeing Karl Kesel take a crack at it considering he created the character

  13. @PraxJarvin – That is the point. It takes skill/experience to tell a good tale in continuity and many writers aren’t up to the task, so we get underwritten drivel.  Free some of the less skilled/experienced writers from continuity and they might surprise us.  Johns generally does a fine job in continuity, but occasionally becomes too verbose when trying to explain how everything fits together.  I just want this book to be a good story.  Conner deserves it.

  14. Well so now we know that Levitz is going to be taking this title over.  That makes me hopeful.  Anytime Levitz can write the Legion is a good thing.

  15. Poop Levitz is taking over.  I’m not a fan of the Legion and I’m afraid the Legion co feature is going to become the main feature.  Still going to continue this but I am weary.

  16. Color me curious for Levitz. Here’s hoping for Superboy and the Legion!

  17. @lantern4life: This was always going to end up being a book primaily about the Legion. Even if Johns had stayed.

  18. @Conor

    Well color me sad.  Even though the art was phenomial in the Legion Superman arc I still didn’t find myself caring about Legion.  I’m still going to try and enjoy this book after Johns.  Maybe this will be my breakthrough with the Legion?

  19. The only thing I know about Conner Kent is from Infinite Crisis and Sinestro Corps War and nothing about Wondergirl and the Teen Titans, but the emotion between Superboy and Wondergirl was very strong. LOVE IT.

  20. This issue made me sad that we’re only getting 4 more with Johns.  I have almost no history with Conner and/or Cassie, and he still made me fall in love with them.

  21. I didn’t think I would love a comic about Superboy this much. There’s only been two issues of this and it’s already one of my favourite ongoings. Everything about it is so… sweet. I’m going to miss Johns and Manapul.

    And that opening sequence? Brilliant. 

  22. I’m really disappointed that this book won’t focus on Superboy. I never would have expected myself to, but I was really excited when it looked like this was gonna be about him in high school. I suspected that kid introducing himself will be Connor’s Lex Luthor. Also, I let out an audible "YES!" when it said Red Robin was next week.

    Brainiac Geoff Johns wrote Teen Titans before right? I would be very interested in checking that out after seeing how he writes these characters.

  23. I loved Geoff Johns’s Teen Titans run and I definitely recommend it. It was my first introduction to most of those characters and now some of them are my favourite characters. I think it was probably my first Geoff Johns run I read too.

  24. His Teen Titans is fablous. 


    I love this book and the backup.

  25. agreed.  Johns’ Teen Titans rocked.

  26. What an incredible issue. I even appreciated the LoSH back-up! Best cover of the week as well. 5/5.

  27. So far I’m 2 for 2 this week- rated both Blackest Night titles a 5.  Tonight, I’ll dig into this and ASM.  Could every book be a 5 this week for me?

  28. I loved this book.  These are characters that I never cared for and now, I care. 

    I also like how all the other big writers on the Superman books are telling the new Krypton story, but Johns is the one to continue the Brainiac/Kandor story that got the whole thing started. 

  29. What?? Lex Luthor and Brainiac are the villains in this book?? I should be reading this as my Superman book instead of World of New Krypton.

  30. Fantastic issue. 5/5 and my POTW. I said before, Johns’ Titans run got me invested in the character of Kon-El. It’s really great to see Johns writing for him. Great small moments in here. Francis Manapul is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists in comics. This book is a thing of beauty. From the subtle comedy of Krypto to the floating table kiss, every page had me smiling. What more can I ask for? What’s that? A very cool, very accessible Legion back-up to boot? Worth every penny.

  31. whoa whoa whoa, I was trying to keep up with the Supes books but apparently I missed something.  When did Brainiac and Luthor escape?  And what’s the deal with the alien farm?

  32. Manapul’s art on this title is SO much better than his Legion run.   I really love the look of it.  Is it just me, or is Krypto making this book awesome? 

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