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Lex Luthor has left no stone unturned in his quest for the Black Lantern energy, but he’s not the only one searching for it – Brainiac wants the energy and the knowledge it offers all to himself. Trust us, this is gonna be the most vicious Luthor/Brainiac team-up ever. It all sets the stage for both a conclusion and a beginning in next month’s historic ACTION COMICS #900, featuring the return of you-know-who…


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  1. Consistently great.

  2. Last issue without Superman. I’ve comitted to the next two as Cornell is still writing, but I am as skittish as a new born foal.

  3. Who will be writing Superman Action comics?

  4. I hope this is gonna be good, cause last issue was kinda a poor showing for Cornell. Shockingly.

  5. Also, good news! Pete Woods isn’t doing the art if you look at the cover!

  6. @AmirCat


  7. I was almost about to just drop it until Brianiac got into the story…

  8. Cornell, sorry..overrated. He seems to write scripts that only Morrison lovers can understand. Not for me.

  9. This has been a fun read for almost the whole year and I personally have enjoyed it. We are closing in on a major historical event in comics and I am excited to get Superman back in this book.


  10. Watch out Lex looks like you and Brainy boy will meet again!!


  11. Cornell’s run on Action has been a blast the whole way through.  Cornell, like Morrision (sorry, StPaulDoug), isn’t affraid to throw in some Silver Age wackiness into his stories.  Comics should be fun, and Cornell never forgets that.

    He’s also the nicest guy.  I met him at C2E2, and he was very gratious and friendly to all the fans.  I am thrilled that he will be continuing on Action after Superman returns to the book.  I think a Brit will have a unique perspective on the quintisential American character.  

  12. @StPaul: I don’t really see how Cornell’s scripting and plotting are comparable to Morrison’s. Yeah, they both have a fondness for wacky touches, but in terms of storytelling I don’t see Cornell’s work as nearly so complex and dense as some of Morrison’s (for better and/or worse).

  13. @froggulper  –i’d agree with you on that…Cornell’s work seems much more accessible. Morrison is “high brow” comic writing….really needs analyzation and stuch. Cornell’s is more straight forward, which personally is how i prefer my funny books. 

  14. This was…..horrible. Way to much expositon and poor pacing in this. Cornell finishes storyline so quickly they get forgotten within a panel. Plus the art by Merino is just ugly to look at. That final page was a joke to look at. Shame this brilliant run is gonna end with a predictable Luthor vs Superman fight. Sure where else is it gonna go, you wonder. But considering how amazing the last 8 issues have been for this run I’d expect much more out of Cornell then this.


  15. So how did Death tie in?

  16. @StPaulDoug  –i can’ believe you’re having trouble understanding this storyline. Its not difficult at all. Just Wow. seriously, superhero comics don’t get any more straight forward than this. 

    @TheNextChampion –i agree there was a bit of exposition, but i wouldn’t go as far as you. The art wasn’t bad, but i’ll give you that it was generic mainstream comic art.

  17. My favorite book of the last year. Can’t wait to see what happens next issue. Superman!

  18. Nanites are kinda cliche to me, but this has been a really good run of Lex Luthor the likes of which I’ve never seen.

  19. This was for me the pick of the week enjoyed it thourghly. Lex is in a long line of big baddies popping up all over the DC Universe and some of them sproting new powers and abilities???? Is there something going on here and where is Darksied hiding this time?? Thank god Superman is back for the big #900 issue. He looks like he has a lot of catching up to do…. This was a fun ride I must say spending time with Mr. Luthor for a change..



  20. Man, I hate that this had to end with a cliffhanger, but I’m really looking forward to the next issue!

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