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First his own action figure, then his own Christmas special – now GREEN LANTERN’s Larfleeze wants to take over ACTION COMICS?! Not if Lex Luthor has anything to say about it! Tune in for the rematch that’s been brewing ever since Lex tried to steal Larfleeze’s Orange Lantern back in BLACKEST NIGHT!


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  1. Larfleeze = I’m back on.

  2. Larfleeze is becoming the new Jar-Jar Binks for me.

    I’m tired of seeing him.

  3. @TheNextChampion I get that. I’m jumping on here because I used to really like the book and it lost me. Larfleeze was enough to bring me back and give it another chance.

    I still want to see Larfleeze go back to sucking the marrow from people’s bones. His Guardian isn’t around to reign him in. So he should regress.

  4. I guess its good that you know who is coming back. While this book still rules the Luthor story has lost some steam.

  5. I loved last issue much much. Cornell has not been batting a 1000 by any means, the Vandal Savage thing went off the rails a bit for instance, but definitely fun. I am on until 900.

  6. A fun issue. And its going to be hard for me to resist the next issue based on the last page reveal.

  7. This was pretty…..well pretty meidcore. Nothing about this really interested me and the art was pretty bland too (even by Woods standards). Shame, cause this was really hitting it’s stride for so many issues straight. The reveal at the end was pretty good and it does make me excited for the end.


  8. This was a lot of fun and really, that’s what I look to this series for.  I thought Woods art was top notch and I love that there’s been no attempt to turn Luthor into a hero.  He’s still deliciously evil and that’s refreshing.

    Longer thoughts at my site:
    Overall 8.9/10 or 4/5 for iFanboy scale. 

  9. I’m sad that we only have two more issues of Luthor goodness in Action Comics.

    Although Cornell isn’t going anywhere, so that makes me happy.  A rare case of DC Editorial (especially in the Superman line) recognizing that someone is producing good comics there and actually letting them continue!   

  10. My favorite moment was robo-Lois running across the desert creating a giant dustcloud…its as if she was The Flash! 

    This issue was decent and kinda sorta ok. Very average art.

  11. Go Larfleeze!! He can be funny yet very dangerous!!

  12. He should be on The DC Universe Online Game!!!!!

  13. The “Hairless Lex Luthor!” lines cracked me up. Glad they weren’t overused. I really liked this issue, but it sure seemed short. Are we getting all 20-page stories now from DC? 4/5

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