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  1. Hmmmm… this should be interesting. Also, I know that Captain Atom was Monarch, but I can’t help but picture The Monarch from Venture Bros. in that solicit. 

  2. feisty ….

  3. @PraxJarvin: You mean…..

    The Mighty Monarch!!

  4. i struggled through all the recent crossover stuff, so it’s nice to see the story getting back on track. I really like these 2 characters, and I hope Superman’s return to AC is somewhere years down the line.

  5. also, the Captain Atom feature has been really picking up and I love how it ties into the main story.

  6. @skeets – agreed on captain atom. it was pretty baffling in the beginning, but i like how the connection has been brought out.

  7. @prax: I am not a huge VB fan, but thats what popped up in my mind when I read Monarch. Now that I think about it, Captain Atom vs. The MIghty Monarch would be EPIC!

  8. I’m pulling this. I really like last issue and Greg Rucka is one of my favourite writers.

  9. I thought the main feature was pretty good, if a little text-heavy. The book is slowly regaining its footing. However, I thought the second feature was quite good. It really moved. I liked Cafu’s layout on the two page spread. 4/5 for me.

  10. That Captain Atom back-up was really good.

  11. OK. I think a  super intelligent Kryptonian scientist would know  that earth has thousands of languages.


    Otherwise a solid main feature. haven’t been reading the back up since the beginning so I don’t know what’s up with that.

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