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  1. Lady Reactron?

  2. I told myself I’d stay on this book up through the cross over. I’ve been very disappointed so far, but I’ll admit it’s my fault.  I jumped onto the non-WoNK Superbooks late, so I have no idea who anyone is or what’s happening… Superman’s doing well though.

  3. Why is Shocker and Green Goblin in Action Comics?

  4. @Slockhart: Well pick up Secret Files.  It is $4.99 but it should help you get caught up with all the characters.  I think it has a story in it too.

  5. @robbybzwonar do you work for dc comics  

  6. @robbybzwonar

    I pulled it, but I’m not sure how useful it’s going to be.

  7. No crossover buying for me.  I’ll flip through this book in the store.  Or just wing it in the next issue of New Krypton.  Who knows

  8. This is okay (I used to love the Clark Kent/Jimmy Olsen versions in reprints as a kid) but I much prefer the Mon-El Superman title to this.

  9. I’m missing Eddy Barrows killer art on this book. Anyone know if he’s coming back?

  10. pretty sure he’s gone for good.

  11. I just want to read more Captain Atom.

  12. @TNC
    I think they look more like 2 differently colored ‘Heroes Reborn’ Iron Man suits.

    Could this cover artist please stoppit?

  13. First issue of Action i’ve liked in a while.

  14. Nothing like spoiling the end of a book on the cover.

  15. lol @ Slockhart.

    Did I say I missed Barrows? Can I take it back? Lopez killed it this issue. SWEET SWEET art. Story was kick-ass too. The back-up was the same as last issue … dubya tee eff. Bigtime. I would REALLY be happy if this book stayed at $2.99 & didn’t have this pointless back-up "story".

  16. The best part of this book, that everyone seems to be missing is that Superman is back!  As much as I’m enjoying the who New Krypton epic I do miss the big guy flying in to save the day.

  17. Strong issue, best one since Barrows left IMO.

  18. I didn’t care for the ending, but the rest of the issue was superb.  Even though I realize the Superman books are about to focus on this character soon, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a little over Reactron.

  19. The only thing I don’t get about Metallo and Reactron are why their suits are the same but palette swapped. I guess it’s because they’re both working for Lane, but it’s a little odd to me. Not even the Secret Files could help with that one!

  20. @Notahiro It wasn’t the best part for me. 😉 I have a firm the less Kal-el the better policy. 

    Great issue 5/5 for me. 

  21. I like Flamebird and Nightwing the more I read them.

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