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  1. oooh, pablo raimondi drawing superman? bitchin!

  2. this whole Mon-el/phantom zone thing means i’m dropping this book. I honestly can’t put up with this hokey silver-age stuff. My new philosophy is zero tolerance towards anything slightly childish in comics.

     it’s like i had an epiphany recently and realised i would prefer to do a dozen different thing than read something like this.


    man, i don’t even know where that came from. sorry to be a downer

  3. so excited for this i love mon-el

  4. @edward How can you have no tolerance for any thing slightly childish and yet read superhero comics? But, more seriously, why do you say the silver age stuff is childish? I don’t think that’s the right adjective.

    I don’t find the retro call backs to the silver age childish. More dreamy than childish. The idea of a phantom zone is completely awesome. I think Mon-El is great. He’s this lost pure soul trapped in limbo looking out into life. I think that’s completely haunting.

  5. "Childish" is not the correct term you are looking for at all.  Its understandable that Silver and Bronze age comics aren’t for anyone, but in the hands of a good writer the concepts and characters from those stories can be very entertaining.

    That being said, I want to see how this plays out and maybe I’ll stick around when this book changes characters.  It all depends if I find Robinson’s work enjoyable.

  6. @ Drake: Robinson is going to stay on Superman, Rucka is taking over Action starting next month. I guess Robinson might be writing this issue because Mon-El is going to be a big player in his Superman title.

  7. @Ntpmcrtp-I know.  I was referring to the fact that Robinson will be writing Mon-el and Guardian.  And yeah, Robinson’s current arc is spanning both titles.

  8. Gotcha. Sorry I feel like crap and the Nyquil was kicking in. Thanks for clairification.

  9. @ NealAppeal. yeah, i think drakedangerz articulated it slightly better. i really dislike comics with a silver aged tone. i would roll my eyes and switch off the TV if a show come on that had a tonal quality like a cheesey tired 70’s sit-com so why would i put up with that  in a comic?


    and you have to be kidding me if you think all superhero comics are childish. it’s a question of execution

  10. So … not only will Superman not be in Action Comics soon (it will be starring the world breaking team of Mon-El & the Guardian *cough*) but Superman will also not be appearing in … Superman? Have I woken up on Bizarro World? *looks at a man in a speedo & gets a boner* … Shit, I have!

    But, for real … no Superman in Action or Superman??? I don’t get it. Why don’t DC just start new books if they want them to star Mon-El, Guardian, Nightwing & Flamebird etc? Oh wait … I just figured it out — the hardcore Superman collectors will "have" to keep buying Superman & Action but also go buy the new titles to get an actual Superman story. So, as usual the answer is money. Sad.

    I won’t be reading Action or Superman when Superman isn’t in them, I’ll just switch to World of New Krypton & Johns’ & Frank’s Origins book. Call me crazy but I want to read Superman comics that are about … Superman.

  11. @edward I’m not sure, I’ll have to think about that. When I see someone with a costume at neat powers fighting, I think enjoyment of that comes from a childish place in me. I think superhero comics can be very sophisticated and mature, but huge part of what is enjpoyable about superhero comics are the super-powers, the secret identities, and the costumes. Those are not "mature" things. That’s what I meant by that.

    Anyway, I think there’s something really interesting about comics for adults based on material designed only to delight children. I think that’s something worth talking about. Though of course, screw anybody who thinks that’s a reason to shit on superhero comics.

  12. @wade I’m giving action a shot for Rucka, and Superman for Robinson (and I’m lame and I really like mon-el and the guardian). Brubaker pulled off Cap without Cap for a while, so I’m willing to try Supes without Supes.

  13. @WadeWilson-You pretty much hit it right on the head.  Fans that know their stuff and follow creators they like would easily pick up the Robinson and Rucka books if they started at #1 and had their own series.  But hardcore collectors or fans that don’t give new things a chance (the majority of fans sadly) would not even bother with titles starring these Superman supporting cast members.  Then again, quite a few people pick up the various other Batman titles…

    It sucks.  But hey Conor put it perfectly once; if the book is well written and well drawn, I don’t care if its characters I wasn’t a fan of before.

    @Ntpmcrtp-No prob.  And I just re-read my last post.  Sorry if it sounds dickish, I was just getting straight and to the point.

  14. @NealAppeal. how about Incognito? that’s about costume wearing characters with superpower, is that in anyway childish?

    Gotham Central dealt with supporting characters from Batman comics. Powers is about superhero related homicide. Ex Machina. Bendis’ Daredevil. the Authority. are any of those series for children?

  15. @Wade: *sniffs* Your like the son I wish I could have. Or the little kid I always plan on kidnapping at the supermarket….Either way I’m proud of that comment you just made 🙂

  16. I was going to drop Superman and Action Comics, but I listened to the Superman panel from NYCC and they totally sold me.  I’m willing to give them a chance.

  17. @edward my childish line was mostly a joke. i would not call these things childish. But all the same the main character wears a domino mask, used to be a member of the "overkill brothers." There’s a mad scientist. These elements are no more mature than the silver age elements in action comics. When I see a cover with a masked man carrying a bag full of money, lighting a cigar with a flaming 100 dollar bill, walking calmly away from an armored car on fire, it is not a mature part of me that is screaming in my head "fucking awesome."But just because this is not a mature part of me doesn’t make it not the correct response.

    Don’t get stuck on my use of the word childish, which was mostly just there because you used it. I’m saying that superhero comics still appeal to us the way they appealed to us when we were children. The Authority isn’t that different from the Super Friends, it’s just better and has added levels of complexity. It would be mistake to forget or resent the seed of our enjoyment of these things.


  18. Am I the only one that thinks that Mon-El sounds likes a type of VD?

  19. @NealAppeal. You’re right, childish is the wrong word. however, there is something intrinsically more mature about titles like Incognito, right?

    i think you’re using the whole "overkill brothers" stuff out of context. All of the that silliness is mentioned only in passing and when it is used, it’s used in a almost tongue in cheek way or in a way to quickly explain the sitution by using scenrios the  reader is familiar. It’s that selfawareness that makes Incognito adult.

    It’s comics with that quality that i’m only reading form now on… for my sanity.


    and WinTheWonderboy is right, it does sound like a VD

  20. I got Mon-El from this one crazy chick in Tiajuana.  At least I think it was a chick…

  21. WOW that art was bad. Like, distracting me on almost every page bad. I’m usually a story guy but the lack of consistency from page to page was just horrible.

    On the "Superman books not having superman" note, Batman books have been doing it forever and no one seems to mind as long as the story is well written. I see it more as DC not trying to drwon us in a sea of new #1’s. They already have so many new books, especially with the Batman line, but they still have a new direction for these stories and this is their compromise.

    Plus, I would much rather read good stories in Superman and Action Comics about characters who aren’t superman than read the absolute garbage that was being written in these books before about two years ago (not all of it was bad, but a good majority was what we can consider "filler"). If you stick with the mindset of this book has to have a superman story in it you eventually get random, see what sticks to the wall, kinds of stories.

    On a purely selfish note, I would much rather they cancel Action and Detective Comics  or turn them into other characters books (like they are doing with Batwoman in Detective and Nightwing and Flamebird in Action). If those characters then get popular enough for their own book, call it Batwoman and put a new character in Detective. There is no reason to have two books for one solo character, especially when more often than not they seem to trade-off from arc to arc which one is good and which one sucks.

  22. The art… oh my goodness, the art.  It was a like an octopus shat on the pages.

    And, I think with this issue I decided I DON’T really feel like picking these books up to read about Flamebird, Guardian, etc.

    Farewell, Superman and Action Comics.

  23. I really liked the artist work here, although I did notice more than a fair share of panels where the anatomy was just waaaaay off.  I dug the facial structures he chose to go with though; particularly Superman and Zod.  Zod reminded me of an actor, but I just couldn’t place who it was.  Overall I prefer Raimondi over Renato Guedes easily.

    The story was really interesting as well.  Robinson and the crew kept saying that Superman would have an obvious reason for moving to New Krypton, and it really does work.  It would make perfect sense that he wants to help his people and make sure they are ok.  

    Really not sure if I am sticking around for Robinson’s Superman run though.  I don’t care much for Guardian or Jimmy, but would like to see what happens with Mon-el.  At this point, I am only positive that I’ll be picking up World of New Krypton.

  24. @drakedangerz: Zod photo reference: Ian McShane, Deadwoord.

  25. Deadwood, that is.

  26. Ugh… this was just… mediocre. This whole event has reminded me why i don’t like Superman in the comics. i really only picked it up for Mon-El, bit disappointed. And the art was unengaging and a bit sloppy. 

    @edward So are you fully ruling out books with a Silver Age tone? Because I believe that rules out a lot of Superhero comics? And if they were handled in a mature tone, would that change your mind? Not judging your choice or anything but just curious. 

  27. @praxJarvin. yep. i’m moving on to non-superhero comics. i’m tired of reading unfullfilling stories.

  28. @edward-if you can’t find fulfilling superhero comics, you’re not looking very hard.  There is plenty out there, and you can’t judge it all just because you don’t like Superman or silver age concepts.  If you want more "grounded" (whatever that means) superhero stories, try Marvel.

  29. This issue was pretty much like all of Robinson’s run on Superman so far — average. It opened up what would have been an interesting question of "where will Superman live?" if we didn’t already know the answer… & not alot else happened here. I was kinda baffled by Superman’s hesitation to free Mon-El (maybe he didn’t wanna catch it?) from the Phantom Zone … & with the Guardian Origins & Omens back-up (or advertisment for upcoming issues?)we got 4 less pages of story … crappy.

    What a change this book has taken … going from one of the best writer/artist teams in comics (Johns/Frank) dominating with Superman stories, to James Robinson & [insert average artist here] doing Guardian & Mon-El stories … I’ll be dropping this book (& Superman) for the first time in years.

    PS — The line "We have a 60-foot teddy bear firing explosive blasts from it’s bow tie. Seventeen dead so far." Made me laugh out loud. I was also waiting for General Zod to say "Fucking Woo!" (Deadwood fans will get that … )

  30. @edward — If you’re looking for super hero comics that arn’t childish or corny or whatever the right word is (I understand what you were saying) I’d recommend Daredevil for sure.

  31. You know, I was reading a review and they said this issue feels like most issues of New Krypton; its a coming attraction of what Rucka, Robinson and crew will be doing.  I agree with that

  32. I was waiting for Zod to call Alura a "loopy c***," and demand someone bring him his scrub-brush.

  33. LMAO Jim. Awesome.

    @drake – I agree too. Especially with that back-story, it just felt like an ad for things to come. I guess they are really trying hard to pimp the new stuff — stories about Mon El, Guardian, Nightwing & Flamebird — with characters like that as the leads, they probably think they need to tease story points as much as possible to interest people. They still haven’t interested me …

  34. @drakedangerz. i have no idea why you placed "ground" in quotation marks – i never said that. But be honest, OK? When you first heard about New Krypton did you think in a few issues time you would be reading about a legionaire character from the phantom zone called Mon-El? I didn’t sign up for that shit, I don’t want anything to do with that shit and tired stupid shit like that.

    Sorry to be cranky.

    @wadewilson. I’m contradicting myself here but Bendis’ Daredevil was awesome

  35. This was awful.  The gap in quality between Johns’ Action Comics and Robinson’s Superman and Action Comics is absurd. 

  36. Actually really liked this.   Yes it’s kind of transitional and it’s not like Johns stuff, but Robinson’s doing good work.  Liked Raimondi a lot too, kind of hoping he might replace Guedes on Superman as I’ve never warmed to his art.

  37. Man was this bad. I mean are you serious? They even got to cop out and cut it short because of the origins story in the back. FFS

  38. Vindicated!

  39. @Edward . I read your comments about going with more non super hero comics earlier this week. Been thinking about the same thing for quite some time. Then I read my various super hero laden stack and I have to agree with you to a point. I think the most dissapointing titles overal that I read anymore are super hero laden. *sigh*

  40. @Jbbo247. Thanks mate. Can I say it come down to personal preference. If you liked this. Cool. Different Stroke for different folks… and any other platitude


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