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  1. Hopefully Gary Frank isn’t off this title for too long, he’s been kickin’ ass all over town.

  2. frank is due back next issue, according to dc.

  3. YES, I need Gary Frank back!

  4. Agreed that Gary Frank is missed…but you can’t go wrong with Jesus Merino.  I’ve loved his inks with Carlos Pacheco for the last half a dozen years, and it’s good to see that he is just as strong on his own.

  5. Why doesn’t the cover character match the toyman in the story?

  6. That’s a good point Jedi, I didn’t really pay attention to that.  But the cover art looks like Gary Frank, but the interior art is by some other artist, so I imagine that’s the source of difference.  Though you’d think they’d try to make them at least similar.

  7. I take it back, I’m obviously a moron… The cover is by Kevin Maguire.  But the explanation still stands.

  8. Is it just me or did the opening scene the opening scene feel to  bloody for an all ages story in the flagship Superman book? t

  9. @MastaP I didn’t realize this was supposed to be an all ages book. The only thing that bothered me about this was that it was too much like a Batman book. Especially the begining. And by the time I read this (having already read Batman RIP and Gotham after Midnight) I was sick of batman books. So this didn’t work that well for me. What kept this from being unbearable was Toymasters backstory and his insistence that he was a "Superman-person". I sympathised with him on that. I wouldn’t want to be in Arkham either. It seems like the worst place to be in the DCU. Anyway, I’ll be excited when this books gets back to being a full on Superman story.

  10. I think Batman was on more pages than Superman, so you could say this felt like a Batman book, except that it’s a Superman villain … but he’s in Arkham … yeah, anyway … this issue surprised me, I didn’t expect an issue all about Toyman to be as good as it was. My only beef is that *SPOILERS* Hiro is a robot. I thought he was a pretty cool character over in Superman/Batman.

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