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  1. This is by far my most looked forward to book of the week.

  2. This storyline is the first time in a long time I’ve been excited to read both Superman and The Legion.  I have read a lot of the original Legion stories that this story plays off of so I get so much out of this book right now.

  3. I’m kinda glad  I stuck with Action Comics after the debacle with the Last Son story. Geoff John’s does Superman well.

  4. This is probably one of the best Superman books I have read in forever.  I’m super amped for this one!  Gary Frank’s art is simply amazing and Geoff is really writing a great story.

  5. This is a great storyline.  I really hope that Johns and Robinson deliver a great year of Superman.  He deserves to be in good books. 

     Also, I can’t believe the last son annual isn’t out till May!  It better be a damn good annual because it seems highly irrelevant now.  

  6. Last I heard the Action Comics Annual is due out April 9th. Geoff Johns confirmed it was all written and looked "gorgeous" as he put it. Why it’s being held up? Who knows. But such was the word on the ‘net less then a week ago.


    Expect the Annual sometime in September. /rolleyes.  

  7. I thought this was a great issue, though suffering from the usual Geoff Johns ultra-violence (poor Yera, but she’s a chameleon, she’ll likely be OK). I loved seeing the Subs show off their Legion spirit, and it was clever of GJ to tie Rainbow Girl (why not Colour Kid/Queen) into his upcoming Lantern spectrum story. Though he did change her colour-focused abilities, somewhat.

    Great art too from Gary Frank and Jon Sibal; people looked slighty less mad this time. But only slightly, should the Legion look this creepy?

    I don’t want this tale of the Legion to end.

  8. Oh, and this issue contained my line of the week, from Chlorophyll Kid: ‘The ferns cry out for retribution and they’ll HAVE it.’

  9. It took a Legion story to get me to buy Action Comics.  I don’t really like SuperMan, but I’m liking him in the context of the Legion.  DC:  Put out more Legion/Legion-related books and I will buy them!!

  10. I’m enjoying the hell out of that book. And I don’t know anything about the Legion at all! Geoff Johns really makes his books accessible to everyone, which is pretty neat to see in the DCU, where history is (kinda) everything.

  11. Yeah, this Legion story has been really good.  I am glad I started buying Action Comics again.

  12. Stone Boy. Yeah. Stone Boy.

  13. I loved the Legion as a kid (1970’s, early 80’s), but over time I really stopped caring.  Johns has managed to capture the magic of the original team and although I’ve come to really appreciate the current Legion series, this arc has made me miss those old characters.  And Gary Frank’s hitting all of the right visual notes.  I think this is one of those great stories that more people should be reading.

  14. I’m loving Rainbow Girl!  She is too sweet!  And Stone Boy is hilarious!  This was a solid 5 for me!  That last panel was awesome.

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