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I’ll be honest with all of you.  I’m not the biggest Superman fan.  It really doesn’t have anything to do with the character per se, but I’ve never really read Superman stories that are all that interesting.  I mean, how do you write interesting stories about an indestructible guy that has a heart of gold?  I think this is something that many writers have struggled with, but there just so happens to be one guy at DC that gets it: Geoff Johns.  As long time iFanboy residents will know, Geoff Johns is probably the only guy keeping DC afloat these days as he continues to write meaningful and amazing stories about each of their marquee characters.  So, it’s no surprise to me that he’s one of the first writers to really throw an interesting Superman story at me.

What I love about the story line is it’s simple premise: what would happen if someone took away what made Superman Superman, including his powers and his history.  From this premise, Johns has continued to craft a story that is an amazingly fun read,and has added an extra layer of fun by bringing in Legion of Superheroes.  I’ve been having a blast watching these characters continue to deal with problem after problem, and just as you think they’re about to win, things get worse.  But with this issue, we’re shown a light at the end of the tunnel, as Superman shows the villains just what it means to be a hero.

I’m sure I would still enjoy the story, but Gary Frank’s art is adding so much to this book for me.  It’s just so beautiful, and each of the characters exudes a personality and a vitality that many artists often fail to capture.  To say that this is one of the most beautifully drawn Superman books is a bold statement, but it is a statement that I make with confidence.

If you’ve missed out on this storyline, do yourself a favor: track down the other issues or run out and buy the trade.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Neb, these reviews are excellent.

    And I totally agree with you on all points here. The secret to understanding Superman is that he’s always going to be  Superman, even without the powers. johns has gotten tat so right in arc. All the best moments are of Superman standing up for people without powers. Getting shot in the hand, rescuing Polar Boy, taking on Ultra Man.

    Fantastic stuff.  

  2. @Labor-  Werd, my friend.  I can’t wait for him to bitch slap Ultra Man into the red sun.  That would be awesome.

  3. Neb – Great Review.  I think you summed up most of what I like about this book.  All they need to do know is to get Johns to write a bats story and get rid of Morrison who is writing that book into the ground in my opinion.

    I love Frank’s work on this.  Seeing the Christopher Reeve version of Supes always makes me feel like a kid again.  Along with reading Legion stories which I used to do when I got my uncle’s old comics.

    It’s like reading the silver age all over again.  This story proves Batman’s comment of how Supes isn’t a hero but just a guy that’s indestructible wrong. 

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