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  1. I bought this already when it first came out, but I’m willing to pay the going ITunes rate to the first one who finds a way to rip that record to mp3.

  2. @Dan  Should be pretty easy using one of the fancy USB turntables.  No way in HELL I’m buying this after buying the hardcover the first time around for 40% off (a holiday sale at my LCBS). 

  3. Oh yeah I’m just gonna take 106 out of my account and pay for this…..Or I’ll just get the hardcover for a 1/4th of the price. I like Absolutes as much as anyone else; but I have no use for this in absolute.

  4. What exactly is the point of this? Is is larger than the original? I thought the flexidisc had been scrapped

  5. @SamMorgan i heard the same thing, apparently there isn’t anything different between this and the old printing besides the oversized art

  6. So let’s be clear. Is there anything missing from this edition that was in the original release?

    Because I want this thing. But only if I’m losing any content

  7. If this does have some extras that weren’t included in the HC would someone be kind enough to put up their opinion of them.  I really enjoyed the HC I got this Christmas, so I know the book is good, but I really want to hear the 45 with Alan Moore singing.

    I bet if you play it backwards you hear Alan talking about how DC is the devil.

  8. Well, since I have no means of playing a 45, or whatever that is, I did not see the need to buy this. So I bought the standard sized HC. Upon reading it, I realized that the Absolute Edition conflicts with the way in which the reader was meant to originally read this comic. The actual book IS the "real" Black Dossier that is at the center of the story. And it is shown, in the pages of the book, to be of the standard size. So to read it in Absolute format would be inconsistant with book’s concept.

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