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From Criminal co-conspirator Sean Phillips! 7 men, 1 impossible mission – assassinate Hitler! With World War II in full swing, there’s only one-way to draw the war to a quick end: kill Hitler. But who would be insane enough to try? Joshua Goldschmidt knows just the men to do it. Insane? Psychotic? Mad? Call them what you will, but the seven psychopaths are now the only hope the world has! In the vein of Inglorious Basterds, with art by the critically acclaimed Sean Phillips.

Writer: Fabien Vehlmann
Artist: Sean Phillips

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. This sounds great!

  2. I agree. Hopefully it delivers

  3. yup, it looks awesome

  4. Isn’t the plot a lot like Valkyrie?

  5. @NathanNicadao: Nah, not really. I don’t think it’s about someone in Hilter’s inner circle trying to get the cheeky little monkey but something else.

    Hilter is just the MacGuffin for both stories

  6. Cover treatment makes it look like a Marvel miniseries. 🙂


  7. @Diabhol : kind of like inverted Secret Warriors.

    @edward: oh. Many people want to kill Hitler. Even after he’s dead. partly because he didn’t pay his dues by committing suicide and then get severely burnt.

  8. @Nathan: isn’t that what Isreal is for? (sorry that was a terrible joke)

  9. lmao

  10. @Diabhol. 

    They’ve used the same cover treatment as the original French (Delcourt) release from back in 2007

  11. Anyone know how many issues this goes?

  12. @butch If I’m not mistaken, I believe its a series of short arcs, this one being 3.

  13. If i were to say anything about this ISSUE of a comic book. I would say that it obviously seemed like it was part of a graphic novel. It wasn’t very interesting to read alone without the full story.

     and that the HILTER meme is totally underplayed. or something

  14. Heh, the trade got solicited for $10. In!

  15. So contrived.  One and done for me.

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