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27 #2 (OF 4)

After his chilling encounter with a mad scientist, super-guitarist Will Garland now has a bizarre button in his chest that grants him temporary bursts of genius-level creativity. But it’s not all groupies and sold-out shows – every time he uses the button, he attracts unwanted attention. This issue starts with ghosts and ends with… an undead pigeon?


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  1. It was different, but I really dug issue #1. Intriguing story with cool art in a nice Golden Age presentation. Looking forward to learning more.

  2. Same here.

  3. I think I would like this book more if the solicits weren’t just straight lies.  The story being told, and I already bought and read this issue, is interesting enough.  But it has nothing to do with Cobain, Hendrix, etc dying at 27, so why did they sell it as that?

  4. @ZombiePoo 
    Isn’t it about him turning 27 and trying to not die? Im pretty sure thats what its sold as.

  5. @ZombiePoo  There was nothing untrue in the first solicit. It never said anything about those musicians being in the comic, just that they’re in the 27 club, which they are.

  6. @ghos7man & @conor 
    Sorry guys I’m not trying to be a hater. I’ve bought both issues and liked this one much better than the first, it’s pretty cool and actually quite freaky. I clearly should’ve said something less angry than “straight lies”, but in the original solicit it promised “mad scientists, long dead rock legends and cosmic entities”;  We’ve surely seen mad scientists and possibly cosmic entities, leaving two issues left to make me eat my words about long dead rock legends. It still seems disingenuous.

  7. i read this issue and didnt really get into it but im hoping it picks up in the second issue which ill get anyway.i hope it starts to get a little hellblazer vibe going too.

  8. it perhaps solicited parallels with the 27 mythos, which it contains undoubtedly, but I never expected it to be a rocumentary. 

  9. I’m really loving this series, it is very strange but incredibly interesting.

  10. very bizarre book

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