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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: The Last of the Greats #1

This is a giant preview of what might just be the best ‘it’ book. See it first.

Marvel’s Next Big Thing: THE FEARLESS with Matt Fraction, Cullen Bunn and Chris Yost

Out with the Fear, in with the Fearless.

PREVIEW: The Ultimates #2 by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic

It’s not the bear intervention issue, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Captain America & Bucky #622

Invaders in the house!


Fowler and Remender make pretty pages. See them here first.

PREVIEW: Fearless Vol. 1 from Image Comics

Take a gander at the first 9 pages of this collection coming soon from Image. Do so without fear.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Hulk #41 with Gabriel Hardman Art

It looks like it’s all coming together. Look for punching, and that is a mushroom cloud.

PREVIEW: New Mutants #31 – Art by David LaFuente

Get an exclusive glimpse at the next issue of New Mutants with some stunning art!

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Wolverine: Debt of Death

Nick Fury doesn’t shop at Ikea. Ikea shops at Nick Fury.

Marvel’s Next Big Thing: SHATTERED HEROES with Matt Fraction & Ed Brubaker

Marvel’s mightiest heroes have seen better days.