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I’ve Got Voices In My Head

Listen up. Hear that? That’s the sound of comics being read aloud.

Comics Back Then: Simpler Times?

Times have changed and so have comics. How does a new generation of fans experience comics? Do they even care?

SDCC 2013: Road Trip! Songs to Play While On Your Way to Comic-Con

What’s a journey into the heart of darkness without some righteous tunes? Here’s my list of songs to play as your make your way to the biggest con of all.

Comics and the Uncanny Valley

Real or unreal? That is the question. Why photorealistic art can make the experience of reading a comic a bit uncanny.

Comics and Freedom Go Hand in Hand

It’s the 5th of July and I’m waving the comic book flag of freedom. A few thoughts on why comics are the last bastion of true creative freedom.

Making Time For Comics

This stack of books won’t stop growing…and I’m not getting any younger. So many comics, so little time. How do you balance a passionate need to read with the obligations of that pesky little thing called real life?

I Remember Superman

After seventy-five years, the Superman we know and love is about to start a new chapter. Will Man of Steel change anything?

Imagining Booster Gold…the TV Show

Booster Gold on TV? It could very well happen. What will it look like? What should it look like?

Avoiding the Negative Zone

Sharing opinions with the world has never been easier…and thus avoiding opinions has never been more difficult. In a world so geared toward sharing one’s thoughts, it’s important to occasionally quiet the noise and get back to the simple act of reading comics.

The Comic Shop Blues

A well-run comic store is a wonderful thing, but what do you do when your local comic shop isn’t living up to your expectations? Should we cut comic stores a little slack simply because they’re a dying breed?