‘Young Justice’ – S02E13 – “Fix”

Young Justice_The Fix

This may or may not be the second-to-last episode of the series. Nothing is listed beyond next week PLUS the final issue of the comic book tie-in is next month…

Here’s how “The Fix” is described:

Black Manta seeks vengeance against Miss Martian.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.



  1. We’re actually getting more episodes. 7 apparently, after “The Fix”.

  2. Hopefully we’ll get a season 3

  3. Young Justice transcends the superhero cartoon genre. It’s multilayered storytelling with fleshed out characters. Why it wouldn’t return for a 3rd season is beyond me.

  4. Duckseid is my new favorite character. I need a t shirt and action figure.

  5. I hope this isn’t the end because this is one of the best cartoon series of all time.

  6. This show is 1 of 4 reasons I get up early on Saturdays, I’d really like that to continue. Although 7 episodes is an odd number; how about 12, or 22, or 50?

  7. Crash.

  8. This is absolutely one of, if not THE, comic book based cartoon ever. If they cancel it after 2 seasons it would be a crime. Is CN gonna keep the DC block? Replace YJ with the new Batman series?

    • They’ll probably replace Young Justice with the new Teen Titans show that’s scheduled to come out soon.

    • ‘new’ – yeah, it’s a less-serious continuation of the 2003 Teen Titans show (and the New Teen Titans shorts…)

    • While I did watch the previous Teen Titans, I wish it had been a little more…something. I much prefer YJ in it’s stories and art, and the last thing I want to see is an iteration of the Titans that is less serious than this last one. I can’t see myself watching it at all. I’m not big on all the shorts and I fast forward through them.

  9. Did anyone else notice that animation in this episode wasn’t nearly as polished as it usually is.

    • Yeah, probably why they take so many breaks.

    • The most frustrating thing about YJ is its pacing. Some weeks its relentless in how fast the plot moves and the next week it barely progresses at all. This week was definitely the former. It was great watching everything unfold and all the plot points pay off, but Nightwing’s revelation should have been WAY bigger.

  10. That image makes me miss the old DCU alot….

    • Every episode of this show makes me miss the old DCU. To be fair, the characters still aren’t quite the same as they were in the DCU, but they are so much closer than the lifeless husks that populate the new52. Maybe not lifeless, but… superficial? Young Justice has done such a great job of making these characters feel like they have a rich history together in a way the comics of late have not. I wish this had been the new universe that spun out of flashpoint.

  11. Well I guess this season is it for YJ (and GL: The Animated Series). Sad to see DC kill something special. Oh well… looks like I get another 44 minutes of my weekend back. :-/