‘Young Justice’ – S02E10 – “Before The Dawn”

Young Justice finally returns to television (you might have already seen this one on iTunes) but for how long?

Here’s how “Before The Dawn” is described:

On a covert mission to rescue some of its own, The Team, Blue Beetle and Miss Martian uncover shocking secrets… and devastating truths!

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. So is this series officially doneso after this season? I just listened to a Word Balloon podcast that implied so, I hope I’m wrong.

    • That’s awful news, but I’m not surprised after the way Cartoon Network treated this season…

      Which Word Balloon was that?

    • It was the latest Word Balloon, where John interviewed comics journalist Vaneta Rogers (on the back of a seemingly-unending interview with Dan Slott). Maybe they were talking about the YJ comic getting canceled, and not the cartoon?

    • I’m 90% sure that this season will be it for the show, but I’ve seen no official word yet. This is not based on anything, mind you, other than my gut and my reading of the animation world.

  2. Can’t wait I love this show

  3. This episode was on before the hiatus. That coupled with the rumor of YJ being canceled has me furious at cartoon network! GL got a great new episode and this gets a rerun. If “Family Guy” can be brought back 2 or 3 times than we can bring this show back, who’s with me?

  4. Cancelled?! Say it ain’t so! This series is the only thing DC has going for it, aside from Snyder’s Batman!

  5. I bet DC is pulling the plug. Cartoon Network is owned by WB also. This is being canned because it has Wally West in it.

    • This show can’t be doing so poorly DC should can it. Cartoon Network has a bad habit of axing shows after a few seasons.

    • I don’t understand why having Wally West in the show means it has to be canceled. He’s already in the New 52 so what’s the issue?

    • Wally West has not appeared in the new52.

    • Then who is the current Kid Flash, Bart Allen? I know there is a Kid Flash running around in the New 52 (Teen Titans or DC Presents or something). Even then, I don’t know why DC would feel the need to cancel the show b/c Wally West is in the show. Marvel recently canceled “Avengers:Earth’s Mightest Heroes” to make a new show based on the movie Universe (logical but still annoying idea). Axeing a show b/c of one character not fitting into the new Universe in the comics makes no sense, Kaldar Ohm (last Aqualad in pre-New 52 comics) is on the show too.

    • @IthoSapien: The current Kid Flash is Bart Allen. I don’t believe that tomdpimp is being serious about Wally being the reason for the show being canceled.

    • Ahh, I’ve been corrected twice today. But I’m not up to date on the news of this show, so I thought someone had worked out the elusive reason for this show (maybe) getting canceled. @Toadpimp, your sarcasm outsmarted me well done.

  6. I’m glad that Young Justice features many cool characters. I can’t believe that Cartoon Network is cancelling another great show: Sym-Bionic Titan, Thundercats and now Young Justice. . . WTF?!? When this show ends, I’m done with them.

  7. This series did the impossible and finally made me like the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle!

  8. Wow potentially bad news……This is a truly great cartoon and they dont come around all that often. If they are ending it I hope they know and get a chance to give the series an ending of sorts……but yeah cartoon network sucks if they cancel this!

  9. Does anyone know how many episodes are left this season?

    • This article lists it as #10 of the 2nd season, and my On Demand list would probably say it’s around episode #35 or so. Hope that helps, I have no idea how many CN ordered for the creators.

    • There are supposedly 20 episodes in season two, so if that’s accurate we are halfway done.

    • I was just curious if a few of these episodes along with Green Lantern: TAS would be airing at the same time as Beware the Batman, which, I believe, begin airing in March or April.

  10. when is it over? whenever the series runs out of completed episodes. like many cartoons this series isn’t getting renewed beyond its initial order, just like the legion of super heroes cartoon. enjoy it while it lasts.

  11. Dowloaded this episode and totally forgot I had seen it already.

  12. Looking at a preview clip of the rest of the season gave me chills. I can’t believe all the stuff they are going to wrap up in 10 episodes….Man I hope this series gets a third season.