‘Young Justice’ – S02E03 – “Alienated”

As I sat stuck in traffic the other day I had a thought about Young Justice and I figured that it would make an interesting discussion topic in this here post. And then I forgot it. Its been that kind of week.

Here’s how “Alienated” is described:

The Team and the Justice League continue to hunt the Kroloteans that have invaded earth — but the aliens have help from an extremely unexpected source…

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I’m kind of disappointed that as it is a CN show It won’t have a dead cat… oh well looking forward to the episode

  2. I don’t like the sound of Black Manta’s voice

  3. I don’t think Red Arrow appeared at all in this episode.

  4. Really good episode. Liked seeing the Bat Family in action.
    Really believe Aqualad is deep undercover and only Batman knows it.

    • I hope that’s not true. As cheesy as that exposition scene was – when Kaldurr conveniently explained to all of us how Tula’s death pushed him to the dark side – I think his changing of sides is the only interesting thing his character has ever done.

    • Can Aqualad even come back from this? Im not trying to spoil anything here since it was JUST on, but what happened at the end of the show, can he ever come back from that?

    • I hope I’m wrong too. That particular plot line has been done to death on a lot of animated and live action shows.

  5. I really enjoyed this episode. It is my favorite so far.

  6. philly, i agree it was nice to see all the families working as a unit, the martians, the super clan, the bat family, wonderwoman family and aqua family, even the manta family, ” blood is thicker than seawater..”the MAD short on justice league was good commentary and nice to see all the different characters or token members.

  7. I love that they took the time to show Superman trying to save the aliens in the end.

  8. Who would have ever believe we would ever see Vibe in animated form?! lol

  9. Any body else get the “Earth’s mightiest heroes” comment ?

    • Yes, the showrunner’s got good timing, considering it seems like animation takes a billion years to go from writing to air. LOL

  10. where was Red Arrow? I love this show!

  11. When you really think about it, the concept behind this season is frightening. God knows what else Vandal Savage had our heroes do for 16 hours! I wonder if we’ll be seeing Kryptonian or Martian kids coming out of the woodwork, looking for their dads…

  12. Loved seeing the JLA trophy room! Noticed these things in it:
    * The Appelaxians!
    *The bell, the wheel, and the jar.
    * the costumes of the Guardian, Firbird, Wildcat, Golden Age Green Lantern, I believe the Red Torpedo, Golden Age Flash, and Golden age Sandman.
    * Amazo
    * A viking ship that may belong to the Viking Prince.

    Those were all cool things to see.

    Things I liked in the episode:
    * The Batfamily, the Superman family, the Aquaman family, and the Wonder Woman family all working together.
    * The way the Batfamily didn’t really need to speak to carry out their actions, all knowing what needed to be done.
    * Aqualad turned traitor. I kind of hope it’s a ruse, but if not, it’s still done very well.
    * The way Aqualad knew how to deal with his enemies/friends
    * Miss Martian’s reign of psychic terror continues!
    * Superboy and Superman are finally getting along greatly!
    * Seeing Bibbo take down fake Bibbo.
    * the Superfriends song and the Teen Titans short.
    * Black Manta being part of the Light. Reminded me of the Legion of Doom and the mini-series Justice.

    Action packed episode. Probably one of my favorites. Didn’t like the fact that all the League did during the 16 hours was just attack a planet. As cool as that sounds, I feel there might be more to the story. Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

    • I think the ship might be Kanjar-Ro’s

    • You might be right! I forgot about the crazy first meeting of the JLA vs. Kanjar-Ro and how, for some reason, they had to traverse space inside of a viking ship. Good catch!

      Also, does anyone actually consider the Krolotean’s a threat? Besides pulling off a “Secret Invasion” with some MIB mechanical suits, abducting some people, and having “mechs” (seriously, they couldn’t think of a better name than mech?), they really haven’t done much.

    • And now that I think about it more, that split crystal thing in the background is probably the diamond that the League was trapped in back in Justice League of America #4. The one that Green Arrow busted them out of.

  13. Darkseid working with the Light. Who else would be competing with the Kroloteans to take over Earth?

    • The Reach given how they react to seeing Blue Beetle

    • They were very good about dropping the hint that the “competitor” is the REACH.

    • Oh thanks for the correction. I’ve never read blue beetle, so I don’t even know who they are haha

    • The Reach are basically like the Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z. They send one scarab to a planet to find a host and then destabilize the planet’s military forces and prepare it for conquest when the Reach armada arrives at an undetermined future time. The only reason Blue Beetle is a super hero is because his scarab was damaged upon landing and is malfunctioning. Normally it would be completely controlling him and forcing him to go on a rampage and destroying all of earth’s forces

    • Ah – thank you so much for explaining that! I’m also not a huge Blue Beetle fan, and had no idea. Now it’ll be fun to see how that comes into play (if it indeed does).

  14. Anyone else notice the 6 who were missing for 16 hours were specifically the Justice League from the animated JL show

    • sans Flash for some reason

    • Probably because the Flash on JL/JLU was Wally and not Barry.

    • Yeah, I noticed that a few episodes back. I wonder if there is something more to it, besides what we learned this week. Seems really interesting to me that those six were chosen.

    • Pretty sure they just chose the heavey hitters so that it makes sense for ‘The Team’ to be the ones fighting the invasion and that if leagers are featured its second teir character that wouldnt get explored as much otherwise.

    • They all traveled to the Timm-verse where they stayed for three seasons. But three seasons there was 16 hours in the Young Justice universe. Con-EC-SIONSSSSSS!!!! oOoOoOoOoOoOOOoOOoOhhhhhh…….[ i’ve been watching too much Regular Show. ]

  15. I loved this episode. Loved that they had hero sidekick team-ups in this episode (about 15 years since the entire Bat-Family is on screen together) plus it’s nice to see Superman and Superboy have bonded. The main complaint I have had so far with this new season (which is honestly like a new show) is that there aren’t enough good character moments as before, but this episode delivered on both action and character. I think with that great mindwipe scene with Miss Martian and Superboy’s reaction that there is probably much more of a reason for their break-up other than the aging issue.

    The whole new development with Aqualad is good also. It was unbearably frustrating that we jumped five years with no info on what happened to Kid Flash, Artemis and Aqualad, but seeing Kaldur’am again was good. While it was a little unfortunate that one of the coolest characters of the show has gone rogue I felt it was very appropriate. Because Aqualad was such a stoic character, he wasn’t open to sharing his feelings and while a little over-expositiony it’s clear that Aqualad couldn’t handle finding out that he was lied to by his teacher about who his father was and losing his unrequited love. That characterization reminded me of Darth Vader and Uchiha Sasuke. Plus, it’s pretty clear that Kaldur’am is irredeemable at this point given that he was unhesitantly willing to kill numerous Kroleteans.

    • “(about 15 years since the entire Bat-Family is on screen together)”

      Unless you count THE BATMAN, which featured Batman, Robin, and Batgirl.

    • Well, no, that doesn’t count. He was specifically commenting on Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl all together for the first time since BTAS

    • @mrshock13: In that case Nightwing was Robin.

    • @Jman313 ; So will we get a flashback of Aqualad screaming, ” NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ” as he puts on the Manta armor for the 1st time and finds out Tula didn’t survive. There will be a battle with Garth, Garth will scream, ” You were brother Kaldur!! I have the higher ground. ” lol

    • @ Conor Kilpatrick, yeah I forgot about The Batman (mostly intentionally) but I did mean all four of the Bat-Family Together. The closest in The Batman was either Batman, Robin and Batgirl, or in the future episode Batman, Nightwing and Oracle.

      @RahUniQue lol totally!

  16. Just watched the last part of the show again. I think Nightwing might be in on the Aqualad deep cover assignment too. When AL is escaping NW comes out of the shadows and starts to say something. AL turns to him and says “just you and I, old friend” as if to ck and see if they are alone. Superboy comes barging in and that’s when AL makes a pt of telling them about the bomb – so he can escape but it seems clear he is warning them as well. I really hope there is more to this plot line them AL pretending as if he has turned to the dark side just so they can get someone on the inside of The Light.

  17. Elton John J’onn J’onzz needs to be introduced into The New 52, pronto.

  18. Another great episode. Loved all the action, and they manage to sneak in great character moments.

    My only complaint was that weird goodbye Superman gives Superboy at the end. It was like he caught an Irish accent, or something, and then threw in an awkward “little brother”. Very minor complaint, but it stuck out in a show of this calibur.

    Can’t wait to see what happened to Speedy, KF, and my favorite, Artemis.

  19. Great episode epic stuff.
    you can really see how much they have grown in the five years.

  20. Some thoughts on this episode: I love the look of this wonder girl costume so much better than the armored comic book version. Also, that Star Labs building would be a sick place to go skating. One thing I was thinking about too is the JL members that are travelling to another planet to stand trial, ok I understand they would want to clear their names and all, but to agree to go on trial? So what if the aliens are like “guilty we sentence you all to die, or we sentence you to serve life in prisonment.” I find it kind of hard to believe the justice leaguers would submit that. Great great show.

  21. So far I have really liked the 5 year jump. But how would a Green Lantern not hear from the Corp that another Green Lantern had found out he was attacking people on a planet? So Green Lantern goes on a rampage in another Lanterns beat and there is no report on file, no Corp meeting to find out what happened, this doesn’t seem right.

    Others in my home are not so happy with the 5 year change especially as they are not up to date (or even 20 years behind) on the DC timeline. Explaining the death of Robin reminded me of the first time when my mom called me asking about Robin (Jason Todd) not winning “the Lottery” and getting killed. The other confusing thing for newbies or people coming back to DC is the multiple earth multiverse thing. How do you explain that when another story was told the characters were a bit different because it is not the same world. Maybe a really good flow chart would help with this!

    • Some kids roll with the punches better than others. My daughter just rolls with it. Anytime she sees Flash though, she asks “is this serious Flash or silly Flash”? She loves Wally, hates Barry. My answer to that question tells her just about all she needs to know about what continuity we’re in. 🙂