‘Young Justice’ – S01E26 – “Auld Acquaintance”

It’s the first season finale and the inevitable is happening–Justice League vs. Young Justice!

Here’s how “Auld Acquaintance” is described:

The team finally learns the identity of the traitor in their midst, forcing a battle against an enemy more dangerous than any they’ve ever faced before!

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I’ve been off and on ifanboy all evening and night now, in between laundry and texts, emails and taking it easy on a Friday night and have been commenting on everything. I saw YGepisode 25 last night and thought it was one of the best yet and loved how they exposed the mole and everyones secrets. Also Vandal Savage is definitely a god choice for being the mastermind behind such a manipulative plot, and the new additions to the JL in the beginning were good choices. I love Zatanna and love the idea of him being one of my all time favorite characters, Dr Fate, like to see that idea translate over to the comix, he’s a perfect choice for the Helmet of Nabu. That was one of my other favorite episodes and definitely moments in this series. g’nite.

  2. Yeah I agree that the last episode was really good. After the cliff hanger, I want to see how they deal with it. I see mentor vs. protege scenes upcoming.

    On a side note:
    I noticed that the only two green lanterns that have been shown are Hal and John, with Guy being mentioned. To my knowledge, Kyle Rayner has not been mentioned thus far. It would be interesting if they introduced a teenaged Kyle Rayner. A young Green Lantern would be pretty cool, I think.

  3. The first season of YJ is coming to a close. And it only took Cartoon Network 15 months.

    Still looking forward to it!

  4. Yeah, I dropped JL this week. I was done with Johns take on them. I miss Morrison’s JLA.

  5. Great episode.

  6. Looks like Blue bettle and Wounder girl will be on the team starting next month. Wounder who eles?

  7. Don’t know if those guys would want to be under new52 restrictions. They probably have more freedom of story on TV. Wonder if they even get paid more than DC’s mid-list writers.

  8. Great episode. Would have made a fantastic season finale, and technically it is I guess but aren’t we getting a new episode next week?

  9. @CagedLeo730: They get paid way more.

  10. Another fun and suspenseful action-packed episode! Almost too action-packed, actually; there was so much happening both on-screen and off that I had to rewatch some scenes just to absorb it. (Nice how Young Justice whipped up an “anti-Starro” cure in about 10 seconds, lol) The one part I disliked was at the end, the whole “happy new year / let’s kiss” beat. It was totally forced and weird, coming too soon after the battle.

  11. Man, I loved this episode! Great seeing the former sidekicks take down their mentors as a team. Seeing Robin vs. Batman was pretty awesome. Also loved the New Years kisses that went around, which was sweet and a good closure for the relationships that were set up for the season (although I guess Rocket and Aqualad are a thing now?) but that’s just coming from the romantic in me.
    Kind of disappointed that the whole “Light” thing wasn’t concluded, but it makes sense since it would have felt very rushed it it was.
    And the whole Red Arrow is actually a clone thing! Never would have guessed that. I didn’t think it was true for a second, but that was pretty cool. Also seeing that Arsenal is being set up for next season (though why does he only have one arm?).
    Can’t wait to see Wonder Girl and Blue Beetle next week! Though I hope that some members don’t leave the team for others. Hopefully it goes like the way the Justice League is, with an ever rotating team with specific members for certain missions.

    • Also, that Teen Titans short was just plain fun. Great throwbacks to their classic costumes.

    • Fuck a duck, I’ve been watching em as they come on the xbox so don’t get the animated shorts and have cancelled cable, but about to move then its back to dvr city.

    • No worries, man. The shorts find themselves onto youtube sooner or later. 🙂

    • Yeah, a rotating team would be great. That way, you wouldn’t loose anyone, and you could even rotate & intertwine storylines for growing & changing plots.
      I like the way the characters have developed over time, especially there interactions with each other. I would like to see more developement between Superboy, Wold & Sphere (especially SB & Wolf), as I think the combat advantages as fighting as a pair would be awesome.
      I also liked the SB/Robin team tactics, and would like to see more of that kind of thing in the future.
      Can’t wait til the next new episode!

  12. YES!!! This show has been awesome every episode and never disappoints! I’m really hoping they can keep it up next season as well, especially with more teen heroes on their way in!

  13. BEST ANIMATED SHOW ON TELEVISION. I was entertained today, the fight between “father” and “son” was nice. I loved it when Robin pulled out his nightsticks, hint of NIghtwing? So if and when they find the real Roy what will happen to the clone? Anyway I love this show and I have already bought the first 12 episodes on DVD and will buy more to keep this show going.

  14. I don’t get up on Saturday mornings till much later. Thank God for DVR! Best cartoon currently running. Makes me want to see Icon and Rocket in the current books.

    • There are a TON of the Milestone characters i would LOVE to see in DC proper. A properly done Static. Some Xombi, a lil’ Hardware. Didn’t Hardware have a female sidekick?

    • Hardware did have a sidekick (I just mind-blanked on her name) that appeared in issue #7 of Static (it sucks that that series is canceled!) with him.

  15. Not gonna happen but I dropped it too, like that they started SHAZAM! backups w it and am curious how the Green Arrow meeting went but it was fun for the 1st issue then just went right to fluff. They’ll end up collecting all the SHAZAM!’s (yes, I must type it bold) into one HC or tpb later anyway and miss the hooded Green Arrow, so at 3.99 I don’t feel like I’m missing anything but instead saving a few bucks.

  16. I’d have to agree but think Avengers with all its subplots piling up and origins unfolding as they came together was pretty damn cool and is right there w YG.

  17. Has everyone heard, in Canada they got a complete 1st season BLU-RAY box set!?!?!?! No fair Warner Brothers! We want some high definition Young Justice action down here, too.

  18. I find both have merit and our at the top of the list.

  19. To @Tom Swift: Take heart in knowing that your/our acceptance/praise of the animated DCU will insure it continuance & growth. If your wish of storyline shift of the published DCU should comes true, w/even @+7.25% growth in sales, Kudos!
    To @ JSA Kid: SHAZAM! is the only way to write it!

  20. I’m rewatching it now, absolutely love when Zatanna gets Captain Marvel to yell Shazam!

  21. This episode was AAH-MAZING.

    It’s kind of terrifying that Roy Harper was kidnapped “soon after becoming Green Arrow’s partner.”

    Loved the Superman/Superboy/Batman/Robin fight.

    Loved Zatanna laying one on Robin.

    Loved “Human customs still elude me.”

    Loved Superman finally accepting Superboy.

    My favorite thing might have been the Teen Titans short, though. These shorts have been, for the most part, tons of fun,

  22. So anyone saw the new Young Justice – Invasion trailer? It’s pretty incredible and show most of the new characters in action. Also time-skip ( i think it was 1 year) and new character designs for the others.


  23. Sounds like a great episode. Living in Australia, I have no idea how or when I’ll be able to watch it which is just so awesome it makes me want to do a flying round kick

  24. Well, that was effectively epic enough to make me forgive last week’s episode. Great stuff. “Failsafe” and “Image” are probably still my two favorite episodes due to the tragic super powers aspect of both of their stories, but this was a top-notch season finale.

    The teaser for next week’s show featured a few new faces that I’m excited to see.

  25. on the superboy/superman/batman/robin fight, it’s a rare thing to see fight scenes that have real, character-based emotional stakes as well as being super well-choreographed.

    I loved the kisses at the end: The made the risky decision to answer almost every ‘will they/won’t they’ plot pretty early in the run of the show, and I for one am interested to see these characters deal with actual romantic relationships.

    And it’s really nice to see McDuffie creations live on in the animated form. Just found the first Icon trade in a $5 bin, and it really holds up.

  26. That’s how you do a season final.
    Best team book going

  27. Man they really packed a lot of story and action into 23 minutes. Same with Green Lantern, total opposite of decompressed storytelling of the JL and GL comics.

  28. Just saying I think the team should be able join the league after everthing

  29. Young Justice is everything the New 52 should have been!

  30. I love this series and the animation character design.

    My favorite piece from tonights episode was Clarion’s “Yeah, I’d bring the Chaos”

  31. The whole episode was great. I love this show.

    One of my favorite moments was when Batman announces to the team that they must all accept the very real possibilty that Roy Harper is dead, and Zatanna puts a hand on Robin’s shoulder, and you see Artemis reach for Wally, but then draw back…It was such a telling character moment, done so well. Artemis is probably my favorite character on the show…and I didn’t like her at all when this thing started. The character work that goes into her animation, the amazing job by the voice actor…she’s great!

  32. Great episode. My favorite moment was right in the beginning when Red Arrow is attempting to fight the members of the JL. You don’t really get to see them fully until Red Arrow has escaped, but you see enough during the fight to experience it how Red Arrow might of experienced it. Great story telling, great cold open.

  33. I hope we get a flashback scene with Roy beating up homeless guys with a dead cat…