You know what’s cool? New Comics for 06/18/08.

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question:
Sunday night I came very close to having cake for dinner. Very close. What’s the worst dinner decision you’ve ever made?

Mmm… cake.


  1. The three comics iam looking forword to are Amazing spidy, batman and the outsiders, and JLA


    BQ: nothing or some leftover thats been the frige for a few weeks. 

  2. only one book this week….. gosh maybe i’m just not in the mood

     worst dinner was on a "poor mans" trip to California.  there was a burger king at the corner of our hotel so me and my friend had onion rings, slurpees, and 4 of them chocolate ice-cream pie slices.

  3. pretty light week for me so I might go and pick up the first and second issues of guardians of the galaxy and captain britain and the Mi 13.
    BQ: Beans, just baked beans out of the can. that was it.

  4. Only X-Factor & Ex Machina this week, and maybe I’ll give Trinity one more shot to impress me.  I actually started thinking I needed to come up with more things to spend my comics dollar on for the week, but then I remembered I’m going to Heroes Con, Saturday & Sunday, and I imagine my money will manage to find someone’s pocket it wants to be in.  (Gas, hotel, and road food don’t even count; that’s vacation money).

    BQ: Not sure this counts as dinner, but I once had blueberry pie followed by tequila shots.  I was younger and dumber then. 

  5. I’ve been waiting for the Y The Last Man trade for months. I can’t wait.

    Worst dinner decision I’ve ever made involved several days straight of pig-roast left-overs. I couldn’t touch pork for months.


  6. Excited to see what the Wolveriners have up their sleeves.

    BQ: as a matter of fact, I had three cinnamon rolls for dinner on Sunday night. I sort of eat like a raccoon.

  7. Even in a slow week, I’m dropping X-Factor and Incredible Hercules, just not excited to read them anymore. No more X-Factor is especially sad, but it hasn’t felt the same since all the crossover stuff started.

    Most looking forward to the next issue of War is Hell, a series I’m already lamenting the end of. Just started reading Ennis’ War Stories tpbs, and, man, that is some good stuff – highly recommended for anyone enjoying the current series.

  8. I didn’t know how important the pull feature was to my life until I didn’t have it!  Glad everything got smoothed out before Wednesday because I would have been lost without it.  Most looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy #2, Scalped #18, and Gemini #2.

    BQ:  A large DQ Blizzard topped off with bacon and a can of uncooked green beans.  Ah, college…there’s nothing like it.

  9. This might be the "shittiest" week of comics I think I’ve ever encountered. I order about 65 books a month… I’m getting six-ish according to all this. Either something’s wrong, or I’m going to be completely ass-raped next week.

  10. This is an insanely light week! 4 books! This means I’ll probably end up buying either another Y trade or another SiP trade to justify the trip…unless I go crazy on the fifty-cent bins at SHQ or the twenty-cent bins at GA. 

    Angel After The Fall #9


    X-Factor #32

    BQ: Worst dinner decision? Not eating dinner. After that, I think I had Campbell’s Chunky Soup Beef Stroganoff that was just…bad. That’s the worst one I can remember, anyway.


  11. Yeah, nevermind, something was wrong. The original list I saw before coming over here didn’t even have half the stuff coming out this week that I’m buying. WTF is up with Diamond this week? As is they didn’t even post up until today.

     11 issues and 2 TPB’s. Much more worth the trip to the shop. 

  12. Where are the Dark Horse books?

  13. Small week with only two books apparently.  Looking forward to the Justice League issue the most I guess.

  14. Its a very slow week for me which is good ater big weeks for the last few. I am thinking about picking up wolverine again, i dropped it a while back but it sounds like it has potential. I am going to buy Trinity although this has really failed to enlighten me. In fact I am really unsure on why im buying it. I may decicde at the store.

    B.Q chips and beans, i don’t think it was good to eat oven chips at 10 in the morning.

  15. I’m looking forward to "Chiggers" by Hope Larson. She’s Bryan Lee O’Malley’s much under appreciated wife. Chiggers is about summer camp and teen angst (i gather) – so every idie lover should pick it up. HC is $17 SoftCover is $9 is i think.

  16. Amazing Spider-Man #563

    Ex Machina #37

    Guardians Of Galaxy #2

    Punisher #58

    Rasl #2

    Secret Invasion Fantastic Four #2 (OF 3)

    Trinity #3

    Ultimate X-Men #95

    Wolverine #66

    X-Factor #32


    bq: Colt 45, Tostios, and more Colt 45, college was full of bad decisions. 

  17. Chiggers, eh?  But my stack….it’s so big!

    Bad dinner choice?  At an odd crossroads with myself, i don’t think I have an answer for this.  My life is domesticated, and marred by routine.  It’s like I can’t think of anything new to order or make.

    Also, that first line?  Up there?  That’s what she said. 

  18. Gotta be Guardians of the Galaxy #2, I loved Negation, and this book is just absolutely made for him.


    BQ: An entire Gooey Butter Cake and a two liter of orange soda, it did not end well.

  19. CHIGGERS looks good – I’ve pulled it!

  20. Pretty medium week for me. Batman And The Outsiders, DMZ, Angel After The Fall, Checkmate (yep, I’m still not giving up on it), Y: The Last Man TP 10 and Everybody’s Dead.

    If there’s one book from my list this week I wish more people were checking out it’s Everybody’s Dead. It’s like Scott Pilgrim meets Shaun Of The Dead, hyper-real, insane but dead cool!

    BQ: One birthday when I was out for a meal I opted for the seafood special not knowing what was in it (I like seafood so thought what the hell). It arrived with tiny, mini-squids. After much goading from my friends I tried one, which tasted like rubber. I had to rush to the bathroom to vomit. Not good.

  21. By him I meant Pelletier 

  22. Amazing Spider-Man #563

    Dock Walloper #5 (OF 5)

    Guardians Of Galaxy #2


    by far the lightest week I can remember having.


    BQ: beer and peanuts 

  23. @Devastron – The list is updated, you should see the Darkhorse books now.

  24. Three Jason Aaron books & Punisher in the same week is a good week for me!

    BQ – Beer.

    Drinking all night on an empty stomach is not a good idea.

  25. Better add Star Wars: Legacy #25 to my list bringing me up ta an astronomical 4 books this week!


    Guess I’ll use the extra reading time to catch up on trades. 

  26. what’s the third jason aaron book? i see scalped and ghost rider.


    maybe something is wrong with me but, i see all sorts of good stuff coming out this week. Gemini, Rasl, Grendel, Zorro, the afore mentioned jason aaron books. plus the last Y trade.


    i ate a bag of gummi savers the other night for dinner. 

  27. the irony of a light load during stack week. maybe it’s a sign? most looking forward to: the weekend, i guess. this is finals week for me.

    bq; ate my shorts, man? 

  28. Huge week… Just keeps growing… Really excited for the final trade of Y (even though I’ve read the rest of the series) and the second Angel comic this month! Heck la!

    Also: new Ex Machina and I’ve heard tell that X Factor is good…

    BQ: I don’t remember, as of late… I think my problem is just having huge eyes and small stomach and ordering stuff that doesn’t go together… That’s a sad time… I once got a meaty burrito with enchilada sauce on it and enchiladas and beans and rice… That was filling… and too much enchilada…

  29. Can’t wait for: Ex Machina, Teen Titans Year One, Rasl and Wolverine.

    Worried about: SI Fantastic Four, Trinity and Angel. But Angel is getting there.


    BQ:Hmmm, There’s no such thing as a bad dinner decision, its all good. 

  30. HEY!!!! the Y the last man trade is coming out!!!!  THat’s exciting!

     BQ: Undercooked chicken. Blowing from both ends is no fun. (that’s really gross Cam, well done)

  31. Only 4 for me which is a good thing as I’m miles behind anyway.

    I keep trying to persuade my wife to work harder so I can retire and read comics all day but she doesn’t seem to see the good points in this idea. 

  32. American Dream #4 (OF 5)
    Brave And The Bold #14
    Ex Machina #37
    Guardians Of Galaxy #2
    Incredible Hercules #118
    Spirit #18
    Trinity #3
    War Is Hell First Flight Phantom Eagle Max #4 (OF 5)
    Sparks #1 (OF 8)

    This book Sparks looks like it might be good; a noir-ish, pulp hero type thing. I’ll give the first ish a try. Plus, I grew up loving Greatest American Hero, so I’ll give William Katt the benefit of a look.

    Worst dinner ever was probably back in 93 or 94, I ate a whole box of Stove Top stuffing (and nothing else) and then went to a Gwar show and drank a bunch of beer.  Can you say "bloated". Not a good idea. 

  33. Damn, I wasn’t able to make it to my LCS today. I’ll have to go tomorrow, hopefully he’s still got everything I want.

  34. Superman/Batman 49

    BQ:  DORITOS, wait, that was actually pretty good!