Year of the X-Men: The Future of the X-Books with Nick Lowe

We wrap up our week of X-rated Marvel press calls with senior editor Nick Lowe. Each day we've talked with creators about individual titles, but today is our chance to talk about the entire line and Lowe's plans for the year to come. 

We open by talking about Nick Lowe's favorite era in X-Men history. That being Executioner's Song. Kubert. Peterson. Jae Lee. Capulo on X-Force. He also cites the more recent Morrison and Whedon runs. 

Word association time. 

New Mutants? PTSD. 

Uncanny X-Force? Ballsy. 

Uncanny X-Men? Insane. 

X-Men. Legacy? Acceleration.

Generation Hope? Innovative. 

Let's talk about adjectiveless X-Men.  Look for the X-Men and Spider-Man in the New York sewers. Lizard is involved, but not the big bad. Next, "First to Last." Yost returns to take on Giant Size X-Men. We're looking at a "blast from the past to the Lee and Kirby days."

How about Astonishing X-Men? Heading to Japan, fighting Kirby monsters. Wolverine and Armor are the main focus. Lowe promises the story will be moving back into current X-Men continuity. Beast has some scary news involving the Brood. Kitty, Colossus and Storm head off to deal with that. Look for Christos Gage to rotate in with some great Lockheed material. 

Lowe acknowledges X-Factor as one of his favorites, the single X-title that many fans read. He cites Peter David as one of the greatest living comic writers. Not many details on upcoming events, but "babies have to come out sometime." 



We know Ice-Man and Colossus will be a big deal, but how about some more characters to watch?  Strong Guy in X-Factor. Archangel, especially in the next two weeks. Ivy from Generation Hope will be a part of the next big X event they've been teasing. X-Man is not going away. I asked about him specifically later in the chat, and Lowe says Nate will end up on Utopia and serve as a member of a team going forward. 

Lowe spoke at length about real world correlations, specifically one boy's story on an episode of This American Life. He's very focused on character and how being a mutant affects a person's everyday life.  

We talk some villains. New and classic. Lowe appreciated clear motivations. 

The best place to start for new readers interested in checking out the X-books? Uncanny X-Men #534.1. Pacheco. Nuff said. 

Just sort of randomly, Lowe teases the word, "Hellfire." So look for enrollment to open again soon?  

There is a conclusion to the Hope/Phoenix question. It will happen in the year 2???

I ask about the continued role and prominence of Namor in Uncanny and his relationship with Emma and Scott.  "Only just beginning," says Lowe.  "The challenge and the goal is to do something different than in other triangles." There are obvious similarities between Namor and Logan, and Cyclops is the constant, but Gillen and Lowe are invested in making this a unique conflict. 

Asked about any character or tonal crossover between the upcoming X-Men: First Class flick and the ongoing comics, Lowe nixes any Magneto/Xavier drama. At least for the time being. Though he does say Michael Fassbender is a badass. 

Fans looking for Hellion? Watch X-Men Legacy. Sage, Domino, and Elixir? Mostly laying low for now. 



Unlike this week's iPad press conference, this call features a "One More Thing."  Paul Jenkins upcoming "Prelude" issue teased throughout the week? Very important. 

It's full name is X-Men: Prelude to Schism

Not sure if you're into speculation or anything, but here's a promo image from Greg Land: 



  1. I have to say that the last image has me hooked.

  2. (gasps) Can this finally be the end of Cyclops!?

    I sure hope so! 

  3. Hmmm….you’d think with the bevel on the bottom of the visor, those smaller pieces would fall over. Or if not the bevel, then the asplode head behind them.

  4. @finbarbait They just fell down, haven’t had a chance to fall over yet! 🙂

    @nextchamp I hope so too! (definitely not though)

    Going to keep reading the books I already am (+DnA on New Mutants!)… not really interested in this schism thing but I do love me some Remender, Gillen and DnA

  5. I don’t generally like to speculate based on promo images, but that last image looks like the visor was cut by a hairy little runt with three claws.

  6. I want the x-men to be a group book again-not a collection of soldiers under cyclops.

  7. I dunno, I like that theres an actual structure and that there has been an actual status change with the X-Men over the last few years and Cyclops is finally doing stuff. Also, wasnt there a ‘schizm’ or something in the late 90’s?

  8. man wolverine to kill cyclops… that will be awesome!!!

  9. I like that Cyclops has come into his own – def.

    I just wish they didn’t have to completely destroy Professor X and the family feel of the X-men to do it.