X-Men Regenesis Teasers – NEW MUTANTS & X-FACTOR

We’ve hemmed and hawed a bit. Some of us didn’t think you’d be ready for this jelly. Just too mutilicious. Too damn mutilicious. But we can’t coddle you forever.

Havok is coming back. And he’s got a team of phantom blots too.

X-Factor #230

Oh. Also. No shoes, no shirt, no irises. X-MAN on deck.

New Mutants #33


  1. I can’t help it, I just do not like X-Factor. I don’t like the characters, and it’s the only x-book I don’t read. I’ve been told repeatedly that it’s great, and I give it a try and hate it. Lather, rinse, repeat. Still hate it. Does this mean a new line-up with Havoc?! That would be something I’d be interested in…

  2. Polaris seems like the obvious choice in the back of X-Factor.

  3. Looks like Guido, Rahne and Siryn are the only obvious ones on X-Factor. Maybe Rictor in the front and the weird sideways leg could be Shatterstar

    New Mutants looks like Sunspot and Cannonball are obvious with maybe Warlock in the front. Dani and Karma as the other two?

  4. So they are gonna use havoc good

  5. Never have I read an iFanboy article that inspired such ecstasy in me, and at the same time, such dread.

    The ecstasy:


    And as an X-Factor fan from the days when PAD first started writing the series, I’m super stoked to see Havok back.

    The dread:

    …Where the hell is Jamie Madrox’s silhouette? No seriously…I’m not playing around here. If Madrox is the one who’s dying, you’ll need an aqueduct to contain the tears I will cry.

  6. So they are gonna use havoc

  7. OMG you guys are killing me with this “Havoc” business… IT’S HAVOK!!!

  8. I just wish Nate Grey would do a sit-up every once in a while. It’s embarrassing.

  9. Ok, y’know what? Maybe these are the X-Books I should be getting. Creators I like, characters I’ve missed… yeah, I think this is where my X-Dollar shall be invested post-Schism.

    Fuck yes, Havok.

  10. Havok looks like Tyler from Locke And Key

  11. Havok back on X-Factor? SWOON! X-Men Regenesis is actually looking like it might be worth looking into beyond the titles I get.

    Nate Grey with a prominent role in New Mutants is also major swoonage. Now, let’s get Bishop back and un-crazy him and I will be a happy X-Fan!

    • I agree on the Bishop. I think what they did to him in Cable was mistake. In Messiah Complex he was sympathetic, but in Cable he just seemed out of character.

  12. I have total and complete faith in PAD but Im a little skeptical about how Havok fits in with the noir feel of x-factor.

  13. We’re getting a regular artist on X-Factor? Hurray!

  14. I can’t tell if its the colorist or the artist, but it seems X-Factor is pegging for a JR jr look. Which mean’s I’ll probably avoid it.

  15. a duster and no shirt, nice

  16. I loved the way Peter David wrote Havok in the 90s, but where is Multiple Man?????

  17. Hmm… wonder if the tone of X-Factor is going to change with the Regenesis. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think it’s been selling like gangbusters. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the title become a bit more of a traditional super book.

  18. It looks like Peter David meant the reveal in this teaser to be a surprise: http://www.peterdavid.net/index.php/2011/08/24/cry-havok/

    Alas. The Biz strikes again.