‘X-Men: Origins: Wolverine’ Trailer Hits!

The full, official trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine has finally been released!

I have to admit that I was not all that interested in this movie until I saw the trailer and now I’m pretty excited. This might have to do with randomly stumbling across X-Men on TV the other day and watching it for the first time in years and being totally engrossed all over again.

Looks like this one is chock full of cameos. I spy Gambit, Deadpool, Storm, Iceman (probably not), Emma Frost, The Blob, and Sabertooth. Speaking of Sabertooth, I hope they just ignore the Sabertooth that appeared in X-Men (that movie’s only really bad decision) and don’t try to make this version work with that one.


  1. Kick Ass!

  2. I must say Wolverine going on a rampage in Weapon X makes me extremely happy.

  3. Yeah this trailer looked awesome. I liked seeing blob flatten Logan in the boxing ring. Cant believe that is Kemey. I hope we get to see Deadpool in comstume though, or at the very least horribly disfigured.

  4. The bits from WWI, WWII and Vietnam are the best

  5. Sabretooth is the part of this trailer that got me really excited. Very glad they’ve decided to fix it. 

  6. I love the little Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson teaser.

  7. I’m really interested in this movie, I only wish there was someway for it to be in the Marvel Universe’s version of the movies and be a starting off point for a new redone franchise, xmen 1 and 2 were okay, but could’ve been more in line with the actual comics, this just feels like more of that universe, and ultimately is going to be a waste of time once Marvel finally gets the rights back and remakes the whole lot…..


    BUT! Until then! This movie looks Awesome! Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine, and I’m thinking that the shots we see of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool are done before the actual tests and that we get to see him go through the experiments, get deformed and done the mask/ suit we all love 😉 Can’t Wait!

  8. Wow! Exciting exciting exciting exci- ugh, goddamn f***ing Gambit.

    Look at him, with his cards and his little stick.

  9. I’m glad to see that they’re using stuff from the first Wolvering: Origins story. It’s cool to know that we’ll get to see most of his pre-weapon x adventures, except for that part where he teamed up with Captain America in World War II. But that would be awesome.

    Lookin’ forward to May 1st. 

  10. I was hoping Deadpools face would be all f-ed up so I wouldn’t have to see Ryan Reynolds face.

    Movie looks ok, but I think its just going to be explosions and fanboy moments all around.  And where was iceman?  I didn’t see him. 

  11. @drake – There was a kid frozen in a block of ice. In an X-Men movie I always assume Bobby Drake.

  12. I haven’t been all that excited about it but this looks really nice!

  13. I keep trying to be all suave and pretend I don’t care about the Wolverine movie but it’s such a lie.

  14. It’s hard to get too excited about the wire-work, arcade style movies after Dark Knight showcased what kind of tone is possible in comic movies.  This looks fun, but I’m not foaming at the mouth for this one.  

  15. @Connor-Ah, I see him now.  But he had two different colored eyes!!  Didn’t Jason Stryker have that in X-2?  I can’t remember off the top of my head

  16. This looks really well shot like the first 2 X-flicks too.  I like the X-men legends staff thing with Gambit.  They got Silver Fox in there, the origins claws, there looks to be a bunch of stories showcased in this one.  

  17. I have a bad feeling about this film.  I think they’re trying to cram too much into one movie.

    I’ll sit out opening weekend and see what the reaction is before I spend 10 bucks. 

  18. The fact that Logan’s chomping on a cigar when he’s coming off the boat in the WWII shot made me laugh.  That and Logan jumping off an exploding humvee towards a chopper. 

    It looks good otherwise.

  19. i was extremely happy with this, my one hope was that we would get confirmation on bone claws and we did

  20. I love how the filmmakers took a character I can’t take seriously (Gambit) and cast an actor (Taylor Kitsch) I know best for playing another character I can’t take seriously (Tim Riggins of Friday Night Lights).  It’s like they want me to snicker inappropriately through all of Gambit’s scenes!

    That said, everything with Jackman and Shreiber in this trailer looks awesome, and as the only person on the planet who loves Origin, I’m excited to see a film version of Logan’s childhood.  This could be awful, but I’m optimistic.

  21. Lets just admit that there were several mistakes with the first X-Men.

    Sabretooth, Toad, Storm, and the whole Statue of Liberty and turn everyone into a mutant plot was lame.

    The huge Over-The-Top villianious schemes are the problems with most of these comic films. When a character is turned in to a superhero, too many films immediately amp up the villian into an absurd exact opposite of the hero (Iron Man, Hulk, Hulk 2, etc..)

    If the X-Men franchise got rid of half the characters, and was more of an introspective character study between Magneto and Prof X’s dream, that erupted into a series of battles as charachters switched sides, flashed back, andnormal humans were caught in the middle. That would be a far better film.

     Unfortunately, X1 and X3 are underwhelming.

  22. @throughthebrush– I like Origin as well.  I was hoping the Wolverine movie would be the Claremont/Miller series but I’ll take Origin/Weapon X.

  23. I’m trying to reconcile my complete hatred of Gambit and my absolute adoration of Tim Riggins.

    This is troublesome.

  24. Looks good but still a little nervous about it based on a few parts of the trailer. I hope that Deadpool ends up burned/scarred by the end of the film, Blob looks good but kind of ridiculous at the same time, and Sabertooth looks to be about the same height/size as Wolverine which is another concern of mine. But I will still be lining up at the theater to see it when it comes out.

  25. I guess i’m one of the few people who like Gambit so seeing him in a film finally is awesome, but to have it be Tim Riggins is going to be weird, all i can think of him doing is drinking and saying Texas forever.

  26. Gambit is awesome.  The animated one at least.  

    He needs a blue neck brace and a duster!   

  27. Didn’t the kid in ice have different coloured eyes, a la Striker’s son Jason in X2?  That could be him as a kid.  And is it just me or does Wolverine have some kind of funny accent in this?  People from Alberta certainly don’t talk like that, other than the oddball who thinks he’s a cowboy and talks with a Southern accent, but that’s not the norm.

  28. Jackman is more ripped than he was in the last movie… I need to get a gym membership.

  29. I was kind of ‘meh’ about this whole thing, but that trailer was pretty bad-ass! Of course, trailers have been known to be filthy, lying minxes in the past (Phantom Menace anyone?) so we’ll see, but looks promising.

    Liev looks cool as Sabretooth, even the guy playing Stryker sounds kinda like a young Brian Cox.

    My question is; If that was Iceman in the block of ice, have they recast him? If they’re sticking with the current time frame of the movies (which I’m assuming they are by having a younger Stryker) wouldn’t make Bobby Drake a toddler, or not born at all, in this? Am I being stupid here?

    Anyway, good stuff.

  30. Is "Maverick" in this trailer(or movie for that matter)?

    Hugh I had my doubts but DAMMMN! Body, facial expressions, poses EFFin Sweeet! 

  31. @Eyun – everybody knows that putting batteries in the freezer makes them last longer. I guess it’s the same with children. He’s probably as old as Wolverine.

  32. pumped

  33. Looks like a whole lot of fun!

  34. This looks pretty awesome! 

  35. How badass is that scene with him flying towards the chopper?

  36. I am very concerned.  I was hoping this would be on the level of Ironman, but it looks more like X3.  Gambit, Blob, the ridiculous blown up into the helicopter shit (Nuking the fridge?).  I showed this to my wife and she said "Who is that fat ass guy he’s boxing?"  I said "The blob."  She said "That stupid blob thing isn’t really in the movie is it?  You can go see that one by yourself."  This is the woman who ASKED to go see both Ironman and TDK a SECOND time at the theater.

    Give me two hours of Hugh Wolverine in a breserker rage tracking a full on Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool across the arctic using every tracking skill he has with occasional short clashes and flashbacks telling his origin, if necessary (didn’t they learn from TDK that an originless character is a good thing), and I will give you my seven dollars.  If you give me two hours of what was in the trailer it will take an absolutely shining review from Conor and Josh (Ron is a given) to get me to go see it.

  37. @stuclach-You were hoping it would be as good as Ironman, but did you really believe it would be?  If so, shame on you.  I have low expectations for this movie, so there is no way I could be disappointed when it comes out! 🙂

  38. Never be ashamed of having high standards.  


  39. @Paul – Well said.  Luckily, I have lots of other things to be ashamed of.  (Such as ending my sentences with prepositions.)

  40. When Logan jumped at that chopper off that humvee, I think I yelled "That’s not possible!" and then laughed for a bit.

    Conor’s totally ruined my suspension of disbelief. 

  41. @PaulMontgomery-Thats something the stuck up girls used to say in high school, and where are they now? 😛

  42. @drakedangerz – In my bedroom.


  43. @stuclach-aarg, you got me.  I conceed.

  44. Why does everyone hate Gambit again? Is he really that much of a dick in the comics? I just don’t understand how the same character could be awesome in one medium (the animated series) and yet so despised in another.

  45. Holy balls that trailer was awesome.  This movie may just surprise me.  I’m looking forward to it.

  46. Am I misunderstanding what I’m seeing?  Is that Emma Frost?  She was never part of Weapon-X in any version of the story was she? 

  47. @Crippler – Which story?

  48. I’ve always been kind of a wolverine hater.  Can anyone recommend good stories about him?

     I’ve only really liked him when Bendis, Vaughan and Whedon have written him.  Otherwise… not much.

  49. @Anson – Jason Aaron’s upcoming Wolverine series should be good.  Aaron’s at that level.  

  50. @paul. I was kinda lookin’ forward to that.  Who’s on art?

  51. @Anson – Ron Garney.  

  52. @ Conor – Any story.  She’s never been associated with weapon-x in any of it’s myriad forms has she?  Blonde girl turning into diamond… must be Emma.  Just really surprised to see her in here, even if it’s brief. 

  53. equal parts cool and ridiculous 

  54. At 1:55 it looks like a shirtless (possibly deformed) deadpool is attacking Wolverine with swords.

    I also noticed they gave young Logan bone claws, and he uses them to stab Sabertooth.  Are the bone claws still in continuity today?  I though he got the claws from the weapon x program.  

  55. has anyone seen "Australia"? that sucked, hugh jackman… i don’t know

  56. @Brandon2-if they are following the story in the Origin mini-series, that isn’t Sabertooth that he stabs.  And the bone claws have now been retconned into Logan’s history, no longer the product of Weapon X.

  57. Whoa….This actually looks good which given the preview shots online I was not expecting! There was one that had Liev Schreiber with moobs….Sabretooth is a big dude but somehow moobs seem wrong….Though from the trailer this looks like it’ll be badass.

     And just to combat all the Gambit haters, WOO! I love Gambit and can’t wait to see him in this movie, looks like he’s gonna kick ass 😀

  58. Heh.  Moobs…

  59. Eh…..that’s all I said by looking at this trailer.

    Dont get me wrong, it’s a good trailer. But then again we were fooled with X3 werent we?

    This is gonna be tough for me to fully hype about until it actually comes out. Marvel has a great track record with their last couple of films….But can this Wolverine film actually be as good as Hulk or Iron Man? Some stuff looked really kick ass (like Wolvie getting out of Weapon X program)…to troublesome (I hate Gambit!! Why is he involved in this?) to just down bad (what the hell is up with the non-burned Deadpool? He anit a model!). I’m sure we’ll get more clips and trailers down the road…But right now I give it a soild C.

    I wished they somehow recon Sabertooth dying at the end of the first X-film. At least I think he dies, not sure….Either way they never really paid off that whole rivalry in the film and it seems like this is the start of something if they keep more films going.

  60. I really didn’t care about this movie. And then I watched the trailer. This shit looks so good.

  61. Kinda forgot this was coming out. looks like a fun action movie, which is all i could ask for, I’m not expecting Bergman or Kubrick with this flick.

  62. it looks good.  i hope 2009 can continue with the good superhero/comic book movies.  sometimes i fear that the form may have peaked in  2008

  63. I’m really impressed with the trailer, moreso than that bootleg from a few months back.  Attention to detail looks great and the look of the film is very nice – moreso than the dreck that was X3 (my friends curse when the topic is brought up, because it guarantees a long rant from me).

     @ TheNext Champion – I don’t think Sabretooth or Toad die at the end of X1 – surely Sabretooth could survive that fall?  We don’t see either of their bodies, so I just assume they slunk off to lick their wounds.

     Wondering though – where does all the Gambit hate stem from?

  64. Despite what many say, I have always loved the ragin’ cajun.  He is one of my favorite x-men of all time and it will be great to see him in action.  So far the trailer makes him look good.  Here’s hoping…

  65. @Champ – Don’t be fooled by the logo at the start, this is not a Marvel production. Fox owns the movie rights to the X-Men characters, so it’s a Marvel property being released by Fox, so who knows what we’ll get. I too noticed they made the Marvel logo more prominent than before, almost more so than the Fox logo.

    Just don’t go expecting to compare it with Iron Man or Incredible Hulk, as Marvel has probably had no creative say at all in this particular movie. Not hatin’, just sayin’. Peace 🙂

  66. please please please be good…. I can’t take another X3.  It’s so bad I can’t watch X1 or X2 because it just pisses me off about X3.  Still want to know what Singers plan was for X3 and how he would have handled Phoenix.

  67. @Eyun: So that’s 3 characters Marvel technically doesnt own rights to do a film. Spider-Man, Punisher, and Wolverine (sure there is more but that’s all I can think of) Wow….how the hell did Marvel let that happen?

    Well now that I know Marvel will have very little input with the film, I wont expect that type of level of quality. I’m like Stuclach though, this really needs to be good. This is quitw possibly their most popular character in the history of any comic book company, you can afford to fuck up his own film. Everything needs to be at least soild; from the acting, to the script, right down to the editing…It all needs to be perfect.

  68. @YNC – How did Marvel let that happen?  They licensed the characters.  For a TON of money.

  69. Ok, WOW!

  70. Did anyone look closely at the little kid Logan/Wolverine? It looks like they’re bringing in the bone claws….. that just seems really really stupid………. 

  71. @conor: Yeah but you would think they would try and get the characters back…Considering how much positive reviews and box office revenue they got from Iron Man and Hulk. Imagine a film that is own only by Marvel for Spider-Man and Wolverine…It would be a paradise! Only because Marvel can do what they want, and not have other companies like Sony or Lionsgate telling them on what to do.


    The trailer looks really really good even more so with the war referances in the movie trailer. But then i remember that this is a FOX production and i get that feeling that you get from watching xmen 3 too many times.

    maybe one day the xmen and spider-man will get to go back to marvel inhouse.

  73. @TNC and Guyver – I assume the rights Marvel sold will eventually expire, but until that happens they have no real way of getting the rights back other than flat out buying them back.  However, I doubt they have that much liquid cash lying around.

    If you want to see a behind the scenes examination of Marvel from the bad old days you should check out the novel "Comic Wars" by Dan Raviv.  It is interesting to see how far Marvel fell and how much they have risen, financially.

  74. Rights to the X-Men revert back to Marvel in 2012 if Fox doesn’t have something in active development at that time.

  75. do not want-opera trailer

    looks pretty though

  76. @Jesse1125 – Maverick is played by Daniel Henney in the trailer.  While Maverick/Agent Zero is German in the comics, he’s asian in the movie.  He shows up several times, but you can see him say a line and shoot Wolverine in the head as he comes out of the adamantium bath. 


  77. @adamfarrar —-Damn your GOOD

  78. @Jimski: Any idea on when Marvel can get the rights for Spider-Man, FF, and Punisher? Assuming they can get them back…

    It cant obviously be just the company that makes the films better. It’s the writers, directors, producers, actors, and much more people that can make a film great. But look at Marvel when they had practically sole rights to Hulk and Iron Man films. They are now considered the high mark of Comic Book films. So obviously a lot of people are doing the right thing for their film company.

  79. Champ’s right, it’s the talent behind the film, not the studio that determines the quality. Look at TDK, Warners hired the right people and let them make the right film. Ditto with Marvel and Iron Man. Same result; quality films and big returns.

    But 9 times out of 10 the studio won’t care about, or have any idea what to do with a comic/superhero movie. They don’t care about the characters. They want a moderately-budgeted, connect the dots, summer tentpole movie, with a cheap and serviceable director and inexpensive cast. They want a decent opening weekend, because it’ll probably make it’s money back on DVD anyway, and after that they don’t care.

    And who can blame them? They’re running a business. It’s just infuriating to guys like us, who care deeply and desperately want a truly great film of our favourite character.

    That’s where Marvel as a studio in it’s own right has the edge. It’s their characters, they do care about them, and so far they seem to be going with talent that have genuinely good ideas and respect for these silly little worlds. Oh, and a certain Mr Nolan gets a nod too 😉

    I’m not saying this will be bad because it’s not made by Marvel. Far from it, I think the trailer’s cool. But it being made by Fox worries me. They mainly left Singer alone on the first X-Men as they didn’t have a clue what he was making and it was cheap for a summer movie. Then it’s a surprise hit and they’re like "Shit, these things make money! Order more!" A few years later we get X-3… with Ratner… need I go on?

    And it’s not just Fox, even after TDK Warners isn’t blameless. Yes, TDK was amazing but they only left Nolan alone because Begins made money. They may be taking credit for an amazing comic movie, and flying the Oscar-buzz flag, but they’re the ones that killed the franchise in the first place. They’re even talking all rebooty about Supes.

    Wow, I just typed a lot, apologies for the rant. I just think Marvel has more respect for the titles.

  80. It would be probably hard to drag people to that movie:

    "Wait, so Hugh has a bath but someone used up all the hot water so he goes crazy?" 

  81. @chlop – The phrase "Hugh has a bath" would probably get a lot of people to see the movie.  

  82. 🙂

    @Eyun – that’s why they kill and revive and kill and revive and kill and revive characters? And that’s why they made everybody forget Spider-Man? because they respect the titles? And that’s why they sold the rights?

    After the studios that made those movies show people  that comic book movies are lucrative Marvel will probably sell the rights to the smallest characters they have to the highest bidders. 

  83. You know, Wolverine jumping at a helicopter in the real world "Couldn’t happen" but in a movie, hell yeah…I think that looks awesome. I mean this is a character that got burned down to the bone (!) and healed himself, so jumping at a helicopter doesn’t seem to far out of left field. 

  84. @ Jimski– Like Magneto?

  85. @Eyun: Perfectly stated, it all boils down to the people who actually make the films….not the shareholders or businessmen of the company.

    BUT, in Marvel’s defense…they obviously must care about their films more then anyone else. Spider-Man 2, X2, Blade, and a few other good Marvel titles not made personally by Marvel were great. Cant say they werent, as much as we forget about those films they were the comic book films that started Iron Man and TDK to be better then normal.

    When I go back and watch Iron-Man, compared to Spider-Man 2 (possibly the best out of all the previous Marvel films)…there is no comparison. The script is better, the acting is better, the editing is better….What Spider-Man did, Iron Man did much better. So even if the company in general doesnt direct or write the films, Marvel Studios seems to really care about making their product A+ material. Unlike WB, who….well just watch previous Batman films (Burton/Schumaker) and their JLA idea and you’ll see why WB is an epic fail.

  86. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm was nice…

  87. Sorry again for the rant. I just got on a roll. And when you’re on a roll you type stupid stuff.

  88. If only someone told that to Hitler…

  89. As long as Logans not an evolved cat… I’m in.

  90. Again kid wolverine with bone claws…. really really stupid

  91. Isn’t "kid wolverine with bone claws" the ‘actual’ story?  Wolverine: Origins?

  92. I’m reticent because of how they royally f-ed X3.  Then I see a trailer that is catering to us fanboys that say "oh look, gambit, emma frost, blob, and storm are in the trailer."  I was really excited to see a Sentinel in the trailers for X3 and then I got kicked in the nuts.

     Then the action looks like rips from Saving Private Ryan, the Matrix trilogy, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Forest Gump.  I hope its good, but I’ll wait for reviews before throwing 10 bucks down the toilet.