Word Balloon Podcast – The Bendis Tapes Part 5

On this edition of Word Balloon, it’s part five of  the interview that never ends: The Bendis Tapes. There's more talk about New Avengers #1, plus a discussion of comic book sales numbers from the last 3 years. How did SIEGE do, compared to past bendis events like Secret Invasion? More movie talk, details of Bendis's San Diego Comic-Con panels, and plenty on the craft of writing comics. 

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  1. Another great interview here John, plus I get the bonus of Jason Woooood at the end.  Keep up the great work on the Bendis tapes and all that word balloon interviews that you do.

  2. Hey John, with as long as this interview has been and I’m not complaining about that at all but how much editing if any did you have to do? 

     Seems like on one of them you mentioned you guys talked until 5 in the morning!

  3. It depends. I take out some of the uhms, and pauses, and occasionally there’s a bathroom break, or a kid wakes up that has to be consoled. 

    Usually we tape these after 11pm-mid night west coast time, which is 1am-2am central time (my time) , and depending on if Brian has scripting to get to, we go from 2-3 hrs at a time, with the occasional 4 hr session.  

    The benefit from the longer sessions is we both get a little slap happy, and it comes through in the recordings.

    but I see these as "hang out" sessions with a friend. same goes for my talks with other repeat WB guests too. 

  4. John, what do I have to do to becoe me a member of team Siuntres?

  5. If Brian really needs a scanner for that Scarlet #3 cover, I will disconnect my printer and drive over to his house. It’s on the way to my LCS. 8)