Word Balloon Podcast – Matt Fraction Fan Q+A Part 2

In this episode of Word Balloon, host John Siuntres wraps up his marathon chat with the Marvel writer Matt Fraction. You’ll here more fan questions that lead to covering topics like  the upcoming 68 page Mandarin story in the next Iron Man Annual, Matt’s favorite X-Men, A sense of the direction for the first arcs of Matt’s debut run on  Thor, and more.

Listen to Word Balloon with Matt Fraction – Part 2:


If you missed Part 1 you can download it here

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  1. Casanova was my favorite IMAGE title till it went on hiatus…so good for it to finally come back with a vengance!

  2. John,

     I dig what you do, mate. i’ve been listening to wordballoon for a while but have never commented at your site. Keep up the good work

  3. I think I might have had capers for dinner once.

  4. John, you are friggin’ good at this! The friggin’ best!

    ANd thanks for asking my question and thanks to Matt for his smart answer.

    Go Rescue!

  5. Strange hearing "In association with IFanboy" at the beginning of the podcast.

     Really smart move grabbing up John though guys.  He’s the best of the best.

  6. These are so long, they help me fall asleep after the 5th hour.

    I’m just kidding, these are always great.

  7. Normally I shoot for eps no longer than 1 hr -1:45, which I admit is still very long, but the q&a eps always go longer, becuase there are so many questions, and those q’s lead to other areas of discussion. 

     I’d rather release them as 2 part marathons, versus 4 or 5 part hour long eps, so we can get to the next guest or subjects faster. 

    After 20 plus years of having to cut a radio conversation "short" because we’d have to break for commercials, traffic , news , or whatever. I like the idea that each podcast chat can be as long or short as it needs to be.

    I hear the same sort of comments form other radio vets, who now have podcasts. 




  8. Matt Fraction is *highly* entertaining…and much more coherent than he is on Twitter. 

    I was really hoping the sound of a fake fireplace was actually going to show up, though. 😉


  9. @John: I’m a designer at a newspaper and tuesday is deadline day. Paper goes to press Wednesday morning. We tend put long hours on tuesday. So I listen to your show. I love it.

  10. I’m no radio vet, but as a vet of radio listening I can tell you that I will never complain about a show going too long. I watched an episode of Larry King the other night that, while ostensibly a conversation, was about 80% interruption, "hold that thought," and "we’ll have to leave it there." Word Balloon never has to Leave It There, and I hope it never does.