Word Balloon Podcast – Matt Fraction Fan Q+A Part 1

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John Siuntres here, happy to be here to share new episodes of the Word Balloon podcasts every Tuesday. Make sure you also visit Word Balloon's Home page to check out our episode archive, and look for more new epsiodes.

On this edition of Word Balloon, Marvel writer Matt Fraction is here to discuss his current books, the craft of comic writing , and answer a ton of fan questions.

The Fraction family is expecting their 2nd child, any day now, so Matt wanted to check in before he’s elbow deep in diapers and formula (which is similar to when he visits Bendis) and talk about what’s ahead. We begin a two part Word Balloon conversation that will conclude next Tuesday.

In part 1 of Matt’s fireside chat, we pay tribute to the passing of artist/editor Dick Giordano. You’ll learn the origin of The Doctor America story he co-created with Brendan McCarthy for “Who Won’t Wear The Shield?” And we discuss Matt’s Iron Man/Thor Free Comic Book Day issue, with John Romita Jr.

Fraction also takes us through his earliest editorial cues through Civil War, and all events that led to the upcoming Heroic Age.  He explains the nature of Iron Man’s series having a science fiction feel. What kind of leader has Scott Summer’s become in the wake of the mutant war? How will he reconcile Psylocke’s white and asian backgrounds? Matt also tells us what’s next for the X-Men after "Second Coming," gives new creators tips on where to look for young artists, and hints at some creator owned projects on the way.

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  1. EXCELLENT! just finished listening to this. you guys made my morning at work go by so quickly and for that i will be forever grateful.

  2. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m THRILLED that Word Balloon is here at iFanboy. Looking forward to listening. 

  3. My two favorite podcasts are merging into one great one!

    Seriously Word Balloon is one of the best interview podcasts out there and I am not limiting that to comics. John Siuntres is a great host. Download now, and then go back and listen to the archive.

  4. And kicking it off with Fraction, no less!

  5. Oh, I hope there’s drunk Orson Welles.

  6. When I began listening this morning, and John said "in association with iFanboy" I just starting smiling

  7. YES!!!

  8. I love Matt Fraction. That is all.

  9. I love me some Wordballoon and I love me some John Siuntres. Not to tell you how to do your bizness boys, but I would like to recommend you and John collaborate on a new podcast called, ‘Smilin’ Stan Lee Says,’ wherein Siuntres reads all of Stan Lee’s tweets doing his ‘The Man’ voice. Goofgnewt said something about that on twitter and I’ve had in my brain ever since.

  10. Great to see John here on iFanboy. A great interviewer whose podcasts are always a joy to listen to.

  11. So the same podcast is released on two sites? Just wondering.

  12. OMG, i just realized that this might mean we’ll get john on a potw podcast! come the hell on, this is great.

  13. @JJ-Yup, just like it was before when wordballoon was associated with Newsarama.

  14. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @piscespaul – Same here. 

  15. Yes, this is great. Now I only have to go to one place for all of my favorite comic realated content.

  16. Any mention of Casanova?

  17. Expect full Casanova info late next week. The powers that be want to break details at C2E2, but we’ll have full coverage and comments fro Matt too. 

  18. Siuntres in the man! So glad you guys snagged him for iFanboy. A great addition!

    (Still the same feed in iTunes, or do I need to re-subscribe?)

  19. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Same feed. 

  20. Nevermind. iTunes just didn’t seem to be updating for a minute.;) Looking forward to more Fraction. Always a fun interview.

  21. I love Word Balloon soooo much! Bring Siuntres to the POW podcast. I dare you! 


  22. Siuntres you are the sunshine to my day this tuesday.

  23. Another fine episode Mr Suintres. 


    Now that you’ve hooked up with iFanboy – which uses Skype to achieve (usually) excellent audio quality – can you start using it more often as well? I know many of your subjects aren’t VOIP-ing but those that are would sound so much better than the cell phones they normally use. I know you experimented a couple of weeks back and while your end had issues your guest sounded great. 

    Also, will you start taking questions for guests here as well as the Bendis Board? I don’t have email through my ISP and can’t register for the board because Bendis doesn’t allow "anonymous" email addresses, i.e. webmail, (which is ironic since all my addresses/board identities use my real name, while ISP email can be as anonymous as anything out there). I’d love to drop a question or two for the Rucka debief or Bendis tapes Burbaker testimony or even Loeb … well, no, I’ll stay away from that as no good can come from it. But anyway, questions here please?