Word Balloon Podcast Jimmy Palmiotti talks Jonah Hex & More

On this epsiode of Word Balloon we talk with Jimmy Palmiotti and go into detail about the Jonah Hex movie. Plus we discuss the best selling success of the new Hex original graphic novel, No Way Back drawn by Hex's co-creator Tony DeZuniga, an artistic overview of the diverse artists who’ve contributed to Jimmy and co-writer Justin Gray’s run, from regular artist Jordi Bernet, to the late Dick Giordano. Jimmy says 3 Bernet stories are in the drawer, and JH Williams will be returning to the book for an issue. We also talk about Jimmy and Justin’s OGN Random Acts Of Violence, and the uphill battle of doing quirky little genre books, translating the Torpedo crime comics for IDW, his upcoming projects like the WWII espionage adventure Time Bomb, drawn by Paul Gulacy, the new Freedom Fighters for DC, and celebrate the incredible work of Amanda Conner with Jimmy and Justin on Power Girl & the Supergirl strip for Wednesday’s Comics. 444 Plus with a home on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, Jimmy talks about the BP oil spill and reminds us this gigantic environmental crisis is a problem we all share.



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  1. Check out today’s CGS episode for more Jonah Hex talk & Jimmy Palmiotti.



  2. Wonder what he says about Hex.  He’s usually highly critical, brutally honest, not afraid to tear to shreds stuff he doesn’t like.  I expect nothing less than him crapping all over this movie, based on the reviews.  I’ll hear this.

  3. I had to turn this off when Palmiotti started over-defending the ridiculous movie.

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Just wrapped up listening. Great discussion. Jimmy’s one of my favorite comic creators these days, and I’d gladly listen to a regular 3 or 5 part Palmiotti Papers feature for Word Balloon. He certainly has the output and range of interests to warrant it. Great episode. 

  5. I totally agree with you Paul, I would love more Jimmy it was an engaging covo and at the end all I really wanted was more.  Maybe a Jimmy and Amanda duel interview?  The CP Chronicles?

  6. That was such an excellent listen.  Thanks guys!  Much respect for Palmiotti.  Great to hear creators talking about their love and passion for comics.  He just sold me on Random Acts of Violence and probably a whole lot of trades of his work.

  7. everytime i talk to jimmy i wonder why i don’t do it more often. he’s a very candid guest.

  8. Mr. Palmiotti does great work; on a consistent basis his books are some of  my favorite out of a stack. I enjoyed the conversation. 

  9. Siuntres is gonna win the world cup.

  10. @john what a voice!!! I feel like I’m listening to sports announcer. 

     Jimmy sounds like a really cool guy.

  11. Great interview, John. I very much enjoyed listening to Jimmy talk about such a wide range of topics. I thought Random Acts of Violence was a fun read, so sad to hear it didn’t do so well for them. But hopefully releasing it online will allow them to recoup some of the money.  The fact that Jimmy puts so much of his paycheck into creating new books is great. It’s that sort of risk-taking that I fully admire and hope it pays off for him real soon.