Word Balloon: Ask Greg Rucka!

Late Tonight, I will be talking to Greg Rucka for tomorrow's Word Balloon Podcast.  Tuesday, Greg's latest Queen And Country novel, The Last Run hits the streets, and Greg and I want to give the iFanboy community a chance to ask Greg some questions.

Please limit yourself to one question per post. I will choose 5 questions , and you have until 6pm CST to submit yours. There will be plenty of competition, so make them good! Fire away! 

Here's a look at the cover for The Last Run.


  1. With JH Williams continuing Batwomans story is he going to be using plot points that you both talked about when you were still writing the series or doing his own thing and leaving some stuff out if you ever decide to return to the charecter?

  2. Someone has asked my batwoman question, so I’ll ask this: Stupmtown was brilliant, and worth the delays.  I know you’ve said there’s more Stumptown to come, but what else is on the cards for you as a story teller that you can tell us about?

  3. A lot of your peers have referred to you as "the most technical" writer they’ve ever met in a very positive manner. I was familiar with your work from things like 52 but I never read a lot of your solo stuff until Batwoman came out, and then I went on a Rucka Binge and I’m almost done with Gotham Central and Queen and Country (and couldn’t be more bummd out that i’m almost done) but upon reading these it seems to me that more than a lot of writers you fully realize a story striking a perfect balance between characer and plot, and better than a lot of people you find a way to give every artist the ability to play up their strengths and then in turn they put 110% on the page and you can tell. Can you ellaborate on how you structure a story, and how you go about collaborating so well with all the artists you work with? Thanks Greg, I’m a huge fan of the stuff I’ve read so far, and I can’t wait to read more.

  4. after becoming a father how did that change how you wrote relationships between parents and their childern ??

  5. Thanks John.  I’ve always been interested in hearing a creator’s take about working on beloved licensed properties.  So the question is: 

    "which would be more difficult on a personal level — creating a great Rockford Files story (where there would be the pressure of nailing the "voice" of the characters), or coming up with an original story, like you did with Stumptown?  I assume both have their creative hurdles, but I’d love to hear your feelings on the topic."


  6. Hi Greg, long time fan. What do aspect of yourself enables you to write strong, compelling female leads so well be it Kathy Kane, Dex Parios or Tara Chace? Thanks Greg, Good Luck with all your endeavors. 

  7. Will you ever forgive Chris Neseman for misspelling Tara Chace’s name on Twitter?

  8. Under what circumstances did Paul Crocker smoke his first cigarette?

  9. No Man’s Land the novel is awesome. Thank you for that. What other comic book stories superhero or not, would you enjoy novelizing?

  10. TEEN BEAT Question…


    Who has dreamier hair, Justin Beiber or Tom Brady?



    the Tiki 

  11. When is the Stumptown HC coming out?




  12. Do you have any plans to write novels featuring comic characters like the GCPD, Jim Gordon, Batman or anything like that?

  13. Any news on more Grendel: Past Prime novels?

  14. I’ve just finished the excellent second Queen and Country novel, Private Wars, and I think I can now officially say that I love the Q&C novels even more than the comics, which is really saying something. My question is, what was the thaught process that got you to take Queen and Country from its comics roots and move it into prose fiction and where do you see the series going after The Last Run, in terms of the media it will inhabit?

  15. Any chance of you and Steve Lieber working together again in the future whether it is anohter Whiteout story or something different?  I’d love to see more of his work out there and while I enjoy both your work individually, I enjoy it even more when you work together.

  16. @ RoiVampire: He’s already done it and it is incredible: http://www.amazon.com/Batman-Mans-Land-Greg-Rucka/dp/0671038281

    My question: Does he plan on writing another book like No Man’s Land? Batman in prose form was very satisfying.

  17. Loved you Captain America story for "I Am An Avenger", any chance of you doing more work for Marvel?

  18. What’s your writing process like?

  19. I thought of one – any plans for digital release of his Onipress works?

  20. What can we expect from your upcoming novels from Mullholand, and when will it be released?

  21. I really love your work, especially your work on detective and 52. I was wondering what advice you would give to someone just getting into writing? 


  22. Are there any any artists out there that you would like to work with that you haven’t had a chance to already?

  23. Damn, there some good questions in there.  Good job guys, and good luck choosing 5 of em John!

  24. I may chose a few more, and some are ones that I had already planned asking.

  25. Did you watch Rubicon on AMC? If so, did it remind you of The Sandbaggers at all?…and thanks, Greg, for all the great stories, looking forward to the new novel.

  26. Greg, you’ve worked on icons for both Marvel and DC from Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Elektra etc. Now that you are focusing on your creator owned work, is there one final story you still have in your back pocket, more so than with other characters, that you hope to tell someday?

  27. You’ve talked at length about the amount of research that you do, and it never fails to come through in your writing, but the timeliness of your work (particularly Q&C) is another quality that makes it so compelling.  Could you also talk about how you get your news (i.e. which media and from what sources)?

    One last comment–many positive things have been said about your work, but I just wanted to say that in addition to exciting and intelligent work, you always provide your audience with HONORABLE work.  For that, I thank you, sir. 

  28. in your opinion What is the biggest negative in the industry right now, and when you’re in charge how would you fix it.

  29. Wonder Woman and Io = subtext or maintext?

  30. Looks like I missed the deadline but What character of yours would you want to go to the firing range with?

  31. This was cool John, would like to see you do this again!

  32. What’s it like being so awesome?


    And when will we start the next volume of Stumptown?

  33. Hey John and Greg, Thanks for doing this! Looking forward to the show.

    Question: Having worked with the big 2, indies, creator owned, webcomics and kickstarter, you seem to have worked in just about every facet of the comics industry. If you were starting out today, as a financially limited, young writer with nothing but some stories and a passion for comics, what would be your game-plan to get your work made and effectively seen by an audience?