WonderCon Moving From San Francisco To Anaheim For 2012; C2E2 & Wizard World: Anaheim To Change Dates in Response

Breaking news from the busy world of comic book conventions: after much speculation, Comic-Con International has confirmed that due to construction at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, they will be moving WonderCon to Anaheim, CA for 2012.

WonderCon will be held in Anaheim on March 16-18, 2012.

As a result of this announcement, C2E2 will be changing the planned dates of their show which was also to be held in March. In addition, WizardWorld announced that it was pushing its Anaheim show from March to April. New dates for C2E2 have yet to be announced.

The announcement from C2E2 (a Reed show) and WizardWorld marks a startling amount of cooperation from am industry that has become quite competitive and cutthroat in recent years.

This is a blow to us here at iFanboy as WonderCon in San Francisco is always one of our favorite shows of the year. Not only is it Ron’s current hometown, but we have enjoyed many years partnering with Isotope to bring people fun and unique comic convention social experiences. Also, there are great tacos.

More on this story as it develops.


  1. Terrible, terrible news. The best part about WonderCon is San Francisco. Sad face.

  2. This sucks. I live in San Francisco and WonderCon is a huge reason I got back to reading comics as an adult. I guess I’ll be going to Seattle for the best cons. 🙂

  3. By the way, at least we have APE


  4. NO!! No No No No No!!! No!!

  5. Sounds like a real Anaheimlich maneuver.

  6. Fucking shit balls.

  7. Missed out on C2E2 last year. I live in St. Louis, MO so there’s no reason for me to miss this year. Looking forward to it.

  8. Is this just for the construction or will it be permanent? If it’s a permanent move then it sucks and shows that Comic con international is more about blowing the movie studios than anything else. Rumor has it that they are considering moving from San Diego to Anaheim as well to consolidate a location. I hope that is false…:(

  9. I’m pleased with this announcement since I live about 20 minutes from the Anaheim Convention Center. I’ve always enjoyed Wondercon when I attended in San Francisco, but now I’m looking forward to not having to travel.

  10. One of the reasons I skipped SDCC this year to save up for Wonder Con was I wanted to be in Northern CA to escape the oppressive LA heat. Now I gotta go farther south?! Fuck! I now need a new excuse to visit San Francisco

  11. <>

    All due respect to San Francisco (& I liked visiting SF for WonderCon also), but there’s something wrong with you if you are visiting SF for tacos.

    Tacos in SoCal are FAR better……..

  12. Word on the tacos. And wouldn’t it make a better show being close to LA and Disney?

  13. I miss the days when WonderCon was scheduled at the same time as the Chinese New Year’s festivities. But only because I imagine it must be a cool experience for visitors. As a resident, I was like always: gah! how to get home with all these discounted dc archives in a cheap plastic bag.

  14. Darn, was hoping to head up to San Fran for my first WonderCon next year. Oh well, I’m in L.A., so I guess I’ll probably do it in Anaheim and plan to head up in 2013 if they move back. (Also want to check out APE sometime.)

  15. Looks like I’ll be making my first visit to WonderCon next year. Anaheim is the easiest destination of all the major comic cons for me.

  16. I am seriously bummed out by this news. Wondercon is my one convention a year, and it’s partly due to the proximity to where I live. It’s about an hour drive to SF for me, so I can just go for the day and sleep in my own bed. Hopefully it’s just for next year, but as of right now I’m thinking no cons in 2012 for me.

  17. Go to Emerald City instead.

    • Anaheim is actually closer to me than Seattle. Maybe I should try and go to Emerald City, just to experience a different convention. Something for me to think about. Thanks.

  18. This is a real bummer. I live in the bay area, and it was nice to have a con so close. Wondercon was the first con I ever went to back in 97 when it was still in Oakland.

  19. I am really bummed by this. I was putting together a big trip for the future and WonderCon in SF was the lynchpin.

  20. I think for those of us with families this is a good thing. Us dads should be more able to justify a trip to Wondercon when it’s a part of a “family” vacation to the theme parks!

    • San Francisco has plenty for all ages and if you’re willing to drive a half-hour or less in any direction, there’s so much to do (The Lawrence Hall of Science immediately comes to mind). This is a travesty.

  21. I’m crushed, no iFanboy/Isotope parties 🙁

  22. awesome – as if there are no other event centers in SF that can handle this? Well, I think that this marks the end of Wondercon in SF, they will definitely get a much larger turnout in Anaheim, and probably better guests due to proximity to Hollywood. And I was already pissed that NO stores in northern california did the JLA midnite release.

  23. Sucks that I won’t be in SF for a Comic Con but, Anaheim is like 20 minutes from my pad. Also, the tacos are WAY better in SoCal. Unfortunately, there is like NOTHING to do around that area, unless you’re into Downtown Disney…