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Hype Works

No matter how jaded you think you are, there’s a reason the con announcements keep coming.

Is Comic-Con Becoming a Nightmare?

It’s fun to hang out with like-minded fans, but past a point it stops being something you’re doing and becomes something you’re going through.

A Q&Q&Q&A About Comic Conventions

To go to a panel is to hear the same ten questions over and over again. But what’s the alternative?

MorrisonCon: Final Thoughts

No, it wasn’t all a fever dream…it really happened.


The press release volcano is about to erupt. How hot do you think it will be this year?

How to Take a Good Cosplay Photograph

Molly tells you how to point your camera at stuff.

What Event Fatigue?

If C2E2 showed us anything, it’s that the event is back. If it ever went anywhere to begin with.

The Dum-Dum’s Guide to Comic Book Conventions

Don’t be That Guy.

WonderCon Blues…

It took missing WonderCon for Mike to realize how much he misses WonderCon.

How to Throw Your Own Live Art Event!

Want to hang out with artists and drink? Molly teaches you how to make it happen, young grasshopper.