WonderCon 2012: ‘Young Justice’ Season 2 Sizzle Reel

Today at WonderCon, DC Entertainment and Cartoon Network unveiled an almost three minute sizzle reel for the second season of Young Justice, which kicks off in April. Which is funny because it’s midway through March and we’re still in season one. I guess season one is rolling right into season two?


The sizzle reel is pretty cool, incorporating some elements from season two alongside a lot of related scenes from season one including bits from the last few episodes that have aired. Meet me after the reel for more.


The over-arching story of season two is called “Invasion” and one can only surmise that it’s going to involve the denizens of Apocalypse. I mean, who else can invade? We’re already got Martians and Thanagarians on the show.

Sizzle reel courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.


  1. I guess they’re trying to pick up the pace after those gaps in season 1. Season 2 looks pretty good although that sizzle reel seemed to be more of a recap of what has happened recently on the show. Still, I’m excited for it.

  2. Are they finally going to show us who the Light is/are and what they want? For a nemesis, they are as nebulous as you can get.

  3. Is that a piece of Starro?

  4. On the question of who the invading force might be, I really think it could be any DC space race. I saw Lobo, Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) and John Stewart(!) in the clip. It could be anybody. Daxamites, Dominators, Khunds, the Citadel, Dhorians! Also, I also think that tentacle thing in the briefcase was a portion of Starro.

    It seem like this show is the spiritual successor of Justice League Unlimited. Anybody and everybody in the DCU can show.

  5. Was that Lagoon Boy?

  6. Okay, so we saw Blue Beetle on there, and we know that Rocket will eventually join, and they keep talking about how they’re gonna put Donna Troy in but I really hope they can round out the ranks with a few more team members. The two I’d like to see the most would be, Stephanie Brown and Kyle Rayner.
    Okay, Kyle Rayner sounds weird, but at one time he was a member of the Teen Titans, and he can feasibly fit into this universe, considering that while they talk of the two lanterns of Earth, we did see Guy previously, so it could be like the comics and they’re reserve Lanterns.
    Steph would just be another good angsty teen, but one who is more quick to impress, rather than show off. She’d be a pretty good foil to Atemis.
    And I could see some interesting ties with the Lanterns with Kyle being on the Team. My idea is that unlike the more hands-off approach of most the Superhero mentors, Hal actually wants to train Kyle himself, but the rest of the league is very very concerned about Hal being anywhere near a young adult.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Supergirl or Natasha Irons either.
    (So many good Super-Lasses of the DCU to use)

  7. Omg omg omg omg. Those last few seconds showing clips of season 2 gave me goosebumps. I cant believe how good this show is. wow. just wow.

  8. Can’t wait to see Lobo

  9. Zizzle Reel*