Wizard Fan Awards 2007: My Picks

Well, it’s that time of year again, as the Wizard Chicago Con approaches, Wizard opened up the voting for their fan awards to you, the fans, via an online voting form.

Now you might think I would take this opportunity to bash or criticize Wizard again, as I’m oft to do. But no, I like this. This is exactly what Wizard should be doing – by providing their position within the industry to get the community to vote, and have a fun awards ceremony. Although, that’s not to say I don’t agree with every nominee – clickthrough to see who I voted for as well as some thoughts about the nominees.

Below is each category, with my vote in bold as well as some comments in italics, where they apply.

Remember – this for work done in 2006, not 2007.

• Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man)
Brian Michael Bendis (The New Avengers)
• Geoff Johns (Infinite Crisis)
• Ed Brubaker (Captain America)
• Joss Whedon (Astonishing X-Men)

Wow, way to pick like the five writers that I enjoy the most and make me pick one. Honestly, any of these guys could get my vote, but I went with Bendis because I keep it real.

• Steve McNiven (Civil War, The New Avengers)
• Steve Epting (Captain America)
• Phil Jimenez (Infinite Crisis)
John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men, Planetary)
• Tony Daniel (Teen Titans)

While I was a big fan of McNiven before Civil War, he let me down a little on it, and I love Jimenez’s work, Infinite Crisis didn’t really do it for me. Steve Epting was a great surprise for me, but ultimately it’s Cassaday’s art who makes me swoon.


• Danny Miki (Moon Knight)
• Andy Lanning (Infinite Crisis)
Stefano Gaudiano (Daredevil)
• Mike Perkins (Captain America)
• Dexter Vines (Civil War)

I know very little about inking, but I do know that I love the lines in Daredevil, so there’s my vote.

J.G. Jones (52)
• Simone Bianchi (Detective Comics)
• Gabrielle Dell’Otto (Annihilation)
• James Jean (Fables)
• Arthur Suydam (Marvel Zombies)

This one was stupid easy, JG Jones kicked ass on 52.

• Morry Hollowell (Civil War)
• Laura Martin (Astonishing X-Men)
Bill Crabtree (Invincible)
• Moose Baumann (Green Lantern)
• Dave Stewart (B.P.R.D)

This one was a bit of a surprise, Martin and Stewart are masters, but to me, the colors on Invincible are an integral part of the book — bright and vibrant when they need to be, dark and ominous at other times.

• Richard Starkings & Comicraft (The New Avengers)
• Nick J. Napolitano (Infinite Crisis)
• Todd Klein (Fables)
• Rus Wooten (Invincible)
Chris Eliopoulos (Civil War)

This shouldn’t be a surprise.

Steve Wacker (52)
• Tom Brevoort (The New Avengers)
• Peter Tomasi (Batman)
• Scott Allie (B.P.R.D.)
• Axel Alonso (Amazing Spider-Man

Voting for an editor is hard — I can’t even think of anything witty to compare it to. I give respect to the managing of 52, even if he did bail halfway through.

• Captain America (Captain America)
• Ralph Dibny (52)
Daredevil (Daredevil)
• Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man)
• Luke Cage (The New Avengers)

Sure Cap may get the sympathy vote, but for me, Daredevil is where it’s at.

• She Hulk (She-Hulk)
• Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman)
• Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel)
Renee Montoya (52)
• Black Canary (Birds of Prey)

Montoya was the only one on this list that was interesting enough in the past year to deserve an award.

• Superboy Prime (Infinite Crisis)
• Lex Luthor (52)
Annihilus (Annihilation)
• The Governor (The Walking Dead)
• The Red King (The Incredible Hulk)

He almost took over the universe! The universe!

Winter Soldier (Captain America)
• The Question (52)
• Foggy Nelson (Daredevil)
• Jimmy Olsen (All Star Superman)
• Debbie Grayson (Invincible)

No other character has captured my imagination like Bucky.

• Captain America (Marvel)
• The Walking Dead (Image)
Daredevil (Marvel)
• 52 (DC)
• Runaways (Marvel)

Aside from my beloved X-Men, Daredevil has been one of my favorite books and it continued through the handoff from Bendis to Brubaker without a hitch.

• Infinite Crisis (DC)
• B.P.R.D.: The Black Flame (Dark Horse)
• Marvel Zombies (Marvel)
Nova (Marvel)
• Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways (Marvel)

Of course it’s Nova, but wait a minute, what the hell is Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways doing on here? That was the WORST mini series of the entire Civil War story. Hell, it was the worst book of the year. Bizarre.

• Villains United Special (DC)
• Annihilation Prologue (Marvel)
• The Goon 25-Cent Issue (Dark Horse)
Winter Soldier: Winter Kills (Marvel)
• Civil War: Casualties of War (Marvel)

It’s all about Bucky these days.

Marvel Comics
• DC Comics
• Dark Horse Comics
• Image Comics
• Oni Press

Who am I kidding? I’m a Zombie at the end of the day.

Hawkeye Statue (Bowen Designs)
• MiniMates Galactus Statue (Diamond Select)
• Dr. Doom Helmet & Hood (Limited by CAS)
• Jennifer from Liberty Meadows Statue (CD Moore Studio)
• Sexy Slave Leia Statue (Kotobukiya)

I was sad not to see the Grey Gargoyle bust on this list.

• Marvel Legends (Toy Biz)
• DC Superheroes (Mattel)
Alex Ross’ Justice (DC Direct)
• Superman/Batman (DC Direct)
• Marvel MiniMates (Diamond Select Toys)

I actually bought a couple of the figures from this line.

V for Vendetta (Warner Bros)
• X-Men: The Last Stand (Fox)
• Art School Confidential (Sony)
• Superman Returns (Warner Bros)
• Casino Royale (MGM)

Uhm, Casino Royale was a comic movie project? Since when? I’d sooner vote for Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways than I would for X-Men: The Last Stand.

• Christos N. Gage (Union Jack)
Ed Benes (Justice League of America)
• Ivan Reis (Green Lantern)
• Daniel Acuña (Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters)
• Greg Pak (The Incredible Hulk)

I’ve really enjoyed Pak on World War Hulk, but this is for work done in 2006 and I didn’t read Planet Hulk, so I’ll go with Benes.

• Death of Superboy (Infinite Crisis #6)
• Death of Roger the Homunculus (B.P.R.D.: The Black Flame #3)
• Spider-Man unmasks (Civil War #2)
• Clone Thor kills Goliath (Civil War #3)
Death of Booster Gold (52 #15)

You know, there MUST be better moments than these, didn’t Kitty and Colossus get together in 2006? I would have picked that!

• Lost (ABC)
Battlestar Galactica (SciFi)
• Heroes (NBC)
• Smallville (The CW)
• Justice League Unlimited (Cartoon Network)

BSG owned me for several months

V for Vendetta (Warner Bros)
• Superman Returns (Warner Bros)
• X-Men: The Last Stand (Fox)
• Ultimate Avengers II (Marvel)
• Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (Warner Bros)

I was going to vote for Casino Royale, but…

• Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Activision)
• Justice League Heroes (Warner Bros Interactive)
• Superman Returns (EA Games)
Gears of War (Microsoft Game Studios)
• The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess (Nintendo)

I didn’t do a lot of gaming in 2006, but Gears of War scared the crap out of me, for weeks after I played it… so there you go.

Who did you vote for? Who is missing?


  1. Why isn’t Cap’s death in the top moments? And more importanly, why isn’t Tony Stark on top Villians?

  2. I would have voted for Brubaker because he does Cap, Daredevil, AND Criminal. Not to mention Uncanny X-Men

  3. And more importanly, why isn’t Tony Stark on top Villians?

    I don’t think Marvel really, truly considers Tony to be a villain.

  4. Why isn’t Cap’s death in the top moments?

    That happened in 2007. This is for 2006.

  5. exact same picks as me ron, thats freaky….

  6. I don’t know who The Red King is on the villains list, but I would have liked to see Vulcan (Gabriel Summers).

    For the record Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk rocked in 2006, each for their own reasons. And I think they’re both even better in 2007. I agree Renee was more interesting, but not necessarily more heroic.

    Last gripe, I don’t see why writers like Bendis and Brubaker only get one title listed, while Cassaday and McNiven get multiple ones.

  7. Sorry. I made those statements thinking that it was the 2007 awards

  8. How did the Civil War Young Avengers/Runaways mini series even get nominated? I thought the consensus was that was a really bad series.

  9. Why do they begin the 2006 voting 5 months from 2008?

    I agree Bendis should be the winner for best writer. The 120 comics he wrote > the 60 comics that the other nominees wrote combined.

    All those nominations reminded me what a great series Astonishing X-Men was. It’s a shame it got canceled.

  10. I’d have to go with Brubaker too, having just read both the full run of the New Avengers 1-present and the full run of Captain America 1-present in the last few weeks. I was less than interested in most of the NA stories, but the Cap stories were amazing, start to finish through the whole run. So much history, I was fascinated. And then Bucky returns, good god writers have been trying to figure out how to pull that one off for 40 years, and he did it without a hitch (or a clone).

  11. All those nominations reminded me what a great series Astonishing X-Men was. It’s a shame it got canceled.

    Uh…. what?

  12. Do you have a 360 now ron?

  13. sadly not yet – just playing Josh’s when I can.

  14. Are you planning to? Or is the recently lowered PS3 price tempting you? Or neither, do you plan to spin a Wii-mote for your gaming fun?

  15. The Wii’s a lot of fun, but there are next to no grown up games on it. I’m hoping for a wiimote lightsabre game.

  16. … I would have voted for X-Men: The Last Stand for movie project and DVD release. I could watch that movie again right now… y’know, if I had nothing else to do.

  17. Superman Returns? Favorite Video Game? What? That’s should not even be there

  18. Intresting Michael Turner is nominated for nothing. Due to the fact that im a 14 year old with no money, no car, and no way to my local comic store… 35 miles away.@: I have to do with the bookstore which has only the basic titles.. and the walking dead. All votes to anything xmen and runaways… except for the civil war mini that was bad. Also anything walking dead and J.G. Jones anyway… go Runaways!!!

  19. Intresting Michael Turner is nominated for nothing.

    There’s no best covers category.